Omsk CHP-5 power station

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Omsk CHP-5 power station is a 860-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power plant in Omsk province, Russia.


The undated satellite photo below shows the plant, which is in Tsentralny okrug, Omsk city, Omsk province.

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Background on Plant

The four-unit, 860-MW coal-fired Omsk CHP-5 power station is owned by Inter RAO. The plant’s four units were brought online between 1981 and 1988.[1] Although the plant's turbines have a total rated capacity of 860 MW, as of June 2021 the TGC-11 website lists the plant as having only 735 MW of installed capacity.[2]

Environmental impact

The plant's operator TGC-11 has refused to sign an openness agreement with the Ministry of the Environment that would allow for monitoring of emissions.[3] In June 2019 pollution was observed in the Irtysh River near a discharge pipe from the plant.[4] In October 2019, responding to environmental concerns raised at a meeting of the REC citizens' group of Omsk, a representative of TGC-11 stated that converting the plant to gas would raise electricity rates by 70% and was too expensive.[5]

In December 2021, reports emerged that the Omsk CHP-5 power station had violated environmental regulations by releasing harmful emissions in excess of amounts specified in its permits. According to news reports, there were no standards in place for regulating the coal dust emissions.[6] CHP-5 in particular was found to be responsible for releasing harmful substances into the Om River.[7]

Plant Details

  • Sponsor: TGC-11
  • Parent company: Inter RAO
  • Location: Tsentralny okrug, Omsk city, Omsk province, Russia
  • Coordinates: 55.001843, 73.487412 (exact)
  • Status: Operating
  • Gross capacity: 860 MW
  • Type: Subcritical
  • In service: 1981-88
  • Coal type: Sub-bituminous
  • Coal source: Ekibastuz coal
  • Source of financing:

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