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Orot Rabin power station (Hebrew: אורות רבין‎‎, lit. Rabin Lights) is a 2,650-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power station Haifa, Israel. It is owned and operated by Israel Electric Corporation (IEC).

The plant is converting from coal to natural gas.


The plant is situated on the Mediterranean coast in Hadera.

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Background on Plant

Construction of the station began in 1973. Its total generating capacity is 2,650 MW of electricity using six power generating units. Units 1-4 were commissioned in 1981-1984 and units 5-6 in 1995-1996. A coal port is attached directly to the station which supplies all its coal consumption needs.[1]

In early 2020, the Israel Electric Corp. (IEC) asked the Ministry of Environmental Protection for delay in the closure of Unit 3 of the Rutenberg power station and then permit modifications. It appears the Ministry noted that in order to approve a particular request, the IEC would have to disable some of the coal-fired units at the Orot Rabin power station which don't have scrubbers, as "they are some of the most polluting units operating in Israel. This would balance out the additional pollutants that will be emitted during the period when Unit 3 is operating."[2] The current situation is uncertain although it appears coal units at both power stations may still be running.

Planned retirement

In August 2016, Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz said units 1-4 of the power station would be shut down within six years. The units would be replaced with gas plants fed by the Leviathan, Karish, and Tanin gas reservoirs. An examination would occur as to how the coal-burning units 1-4 could be preserved as a backup source of electricity for use in emergency situations, which would allow them to be revived within two weeks if necessary.[3]

In July 2018, the Government of Israel approved Minister Steinitz's proposal to shut down coal burning at Orot Rabin units 1-4 no later than June 2022.[4]

In December 2018, the Israeli government said it would stop the use of coal by 2030.[5] In November 2019, the Israeli government said it would stop the use of coal sooner, by 2025.[6]

Conversion to gas power

In April 2019, General Electric (GE) was contracted to build the first of two combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) units intended to convert part of the Orot Rabin coal-fired power plant to burn gas.[7][6] A second contract was awarded to GE in January 2020. The plant is expected to enter commercial operation for the first gas unit in 2022.[8]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: Israel Electric Corporation (IEC)
  • Parent company: Israel Electric Corporation (IEC)
  • Location: Hadera, Haifa, Israel
  • Coordinates: 32.4699019, 34.886297 (exact)[9]
  • Coal-fired units:
    • Type: Subcritical
    • Planned retire: 2022
    • Coal Type: Bituminous
    • Coal Source: Imported
    • Gross generating capacity (operating): 2,650 MW
      • Unit 1: 375 MW (started 1982)
      • Unit 2: 375 MW (started 1981)
      • Unit 3: 375 MW (started 1983)
      • Unit 4: 375 MW (started 1984)
      • Unit 5: 575 MW (started 1995)
      • Unit 6: 575 MW (started 1996)
  • Gas-fired units:
    • Gross generating capacity (proposed): 1,200 MW

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