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Paloncha power station is a 244-megawatt (MW) coal plant in Telangana, formerly Andhra Pradesh, India.


The undated satellite photo below shows the Paloncha power station. Units 1 and 2 are located to the north, and Unit 3 is about one km to the south.

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Paloncha power station Unit 1 was built in 1996 with a capacity of 50 MW. The plant supplies a ferro-alloys plant, with surplus power sold to the grid.[1] In 2000, a fire at the plant reduced capacity to 30 MW. In 2006, the company added unit 2, with 64 MW.[2]

Details of expansion

In April 2011, the company announced that it intended to build an additional 150 MW unit at the same location by December 2012, and a second 150 MW expansion unit if coal linkages could be secured.[3]

The first 150 MW addition (Unit 3) was commissioned and synchronized with the state power grid on Feb 28, 2013.[4] Unit 3 is located approximately 1 km south of the older plant.

As of 2016 the proposed unit 4 is not mentioned on Nava Bharat Ventures' website and no permits have been received.

Project Details

Sponsor: Nava Bharat Ventures Ltd
Location: Paloncha village, Khamman district, Telangana (formerly Andhra Pradesh)
Coordinates: Unit 1: 17.5824568, 80.6727084 (exact), Unit 2: 17.5735436, 80.6648505 (exact)
Nameplate capacity:

  • Unit 1: 30 MW (originally 50 MW prior to fire damage in 2000)
  • Unit 2: 64 MW
  • Unit 3: 150 MW
  • Unit 4: 150 MW


  • Unit 1: Operating (1996)
  • Unit 2: Operating (2006)
  • Unit 3: Operating (2013)
  • Unit 4: Cancelled

Type: Subcritical
Projected in service:

  • Unit 2: 2013

Coal Source:
Estimated annual CO2:
Source of financing:

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