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Pangkalan Susu power station is an 840-megawatt (MW) coal-fired station North Sumatra Province, Indonesia.


The map below shows the location of of the plant, in Pasir Village, Pangkalan Susu District, Langkat Regency, North Sumatra Province.[1]

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Background on Plant

The Pangkalan Susu power station is a two-unit, 440-MW coal-fired power plant being built by PLN.[2][3] Unit 2 went online in July 2014, and Unit 1 was in testing as of February 2015.[4][5] In June 2015, PLN said that Unit 1 was operating.[6]

The introduction of the plant was delayed in February 2015, after steel was stolen from the three of the plant's transmission towers, causing them to collapse.[7] It was unclear whether the person responsible was trying to steal and sell the metal, or trying to stop the plant from operating.[4]

In August 2018 PT PLN Persero announced that Units 1 and 2 of the plant would henceforth be operated by Indonesia Power.[8]

Proposed Expansion

In July 2013, PLN announced that it had signed a construction contract with Chinese company Sinohydro to build two additional 200-MW coal-fired units at the plant. At the time, PLN stated that it hoped to bring both units into operation in early 2017.[9] In June 2014, the Indonesian Ministry of Finance approved financing arrangements for the two units' construction. An updated construction schedule was not given at the time.[10]

Google map images in late 2015 show site preparation underway south of Units 1 and 2. The 2015-2024 PLN long-range plan shows these units coming online in 2018 and 2019.[11] The 2017-2026 long range plan (page VI-40) lists the project as under construction with completion expected in 2018 and 2019.[12] Google Earth images dated May 28, 2017 show boiler erection has begun. The 2019-2028 long-range plan lists Units 3 and 4 as beginning operations in 2019.[13] Unit 3 was commissioned in June 2019 and Unit 4 was commissioned in September 2019.[14]

Financing for Units 3 and 4

In December 2014, a financing agreement for units 3 and 4 was closed. China's Exim Bank agreed to provide a US$373,009,532 loan, and the Indonesian government agreed to provide US$65,551,000 in equity.[15]


Fisherfolk protest the Pangkalan Susu coal plant, June 2019[16].

In June 2019 fisherfolk staged a protest near the plant and called on the government to close the plant and move away from using fossil fuels. Protestors blamed the existing Pangkalan Susu plant for contributing to the deforestation of mangrove forests, increased soil erosion, lost water sources, and air pollution.[16]

In February 2021, The Clean North Sumatra Community Alliance held a protest in front of PLN's offices demanding an investigation into the Pangkalan Susu power station. The protesters claim that the power station is engaging in corrupt practices, including marking up prices and attempting to monopolize local labor markets.[17]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: Indonesia Power
  • Parent Company: PT PLN Persero
  • Location: Pasir Village, Pangkalan Susu District, Langkat Regency, North Sumatra Province, Indonesia
  • Coordinates: 4.12071, 98.25823 (exact)
  • Status: Operating
  • Gross Capacity: 840 MW (Units 1 & 2: 220 MW; Units 3 & 4: 2 x 200 MW)
  • Type: Subcritical
  • Start date: 2014 (Unit 2); 2015 (Unit 1); 2019 (Unit 3); 2019 (Unit 4)
  • Coal Type:
  • Coal Source:
  • Source of financing: Units 3 and 4: US$373,009,532 in debt from China's Exim Bank; US$65,551,000 in equity from the Indonesian government[15]

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