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Panipat power station is a 1,110-megawatt (MW) power station in Haryana, India.


The undated satellite photo shows that the plant in Assan village, Panipat.

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Panipat power station is a coal-fired power station located in Assan village, Panipat. It is owned by Haryana Power Generation Corporation.[1]

The power station consisted of eight units. Units 1-4 are known as Painpat I, and Units 5-8 are known as Panipat II. Units 1-4 are 110 MW each and were commissioned between 1979-1987. Units 5-6 are 210 MW each and were commissioned in 1989 and 2001, respectively. Units 7-8 are 250 MW each and commissioned in 2004-2005.[2]

Unit 5 (210 MW) was retired in March 2020.[3]

Proposed unit 9

In 2015 owner Haryana Power Generation Corporation applied to replace units 1-4 with a new unit 9 of 800 MW. The terms of reference was issued in July 2015.[4]

The unit is planned to use supercritical technology. It is estimated the unit will be commissioned in 52 months after issuance of the letter of award for the project. The estimated capital cost is Rs. 44189 million.[5]

As of May 2020 the project has not received environmental clearance, and plans appear abandoned.

Project Details for unit 9

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