Papua New Guinea to Queensland Pipeline

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The Papua New Guinea to Queensland Pipeline was a proposed natural gas pipeline.[1]


The proposed pipeline would run from the Pandora gas field in the Gulf of Papua undersea to Cape York, Queensland, then onshore to Gladstone, Queensland.[2]

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Project Details

  • Owner: Chevron, IPC
  • Proposed Capacity: 685 terajoules per day (633.4 million cubic feet per day)
  • Length: 2,485 Miles / 4,000 kilometers
  • Status: Cancelled


The pipeline was first proposed by Chevron and IPC in the 1990s as a way of delivering gas from Papua New Guinea's Pandora gas field to Australia. After numerous delays and an increase in the estimated cost of the project from A$1.3 billion to A$1.5 billion,[3] the pipeline was shelved in 2007.[4]

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