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Paso Norte Pipeline is a proposed natural gas pipeline in New Mexico, USA and Chihuahua, Mexico.[1][2]


The pipeline will run from Deming, New Mexico, USA to the El Encino natural gas hub in Chihuahua state, Mexico, crossing the US-Mexico border at Columbus-Port of Palomas, and passing through the communities of Ascensión and Nuevo Casas Grandes in Chihuahua state.[2][3]

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Project Details

  • Owner: Paso Norte Pipeline Group[2]
  • Proposed capacity: 366 million cubic feet per day
  • Length: 340 miles[1]
  • Status: Proposed
  • Start Year: Unknown


The pipeline will deliver natural gas from the United States to the western portion of the State of Chihuahua in Mexico.[1]

The 33-mile long, 32-inch diameter U.S. portion of the Pipeline would originate and interconnect with Kinder Morgan Inc.'s El Paso Natural Gas Southern Pipeline System at Florida Station in Luna County, NM, and would reach the border near the Columbus, NM/Palomas, Chihuahua international crossing. The U.S. portion of the project is considered a greenfield lateral pipeline project by the U.S. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Estimated cost of the project is $60 million. PNP anticipates an in-service date in the third quarter of 2019.[3]

In Mexico, the project would be completed in two stages. The first stage would bring service to the port and municipality of Palomas, Ascension, the Apache Power Park and the Palomas Petrochemical Park in the county of Ascension. Estimated length of the first stage pipeline is 20 miles from the border to the Apache Power Park. The second stage of the Mexican portion of the pipeline would be from Apache Power Park to the El Encino Hub in Chihuahua City. The estimated length with laterals would be 272 miles. At the El Encino hub, the pipeline would interconnect with other pipelines that supply Chihuahua City, the El Encino Topolobampo Gas Pipeline and El Encino-La Laguna Gas Pipeline.[3]

Following a long period with no development, the project appeared to be shelved. However, in December 2020, Paso Norte Pipeline Group re-announced its proposal for the pipeline.[2] As of August 2021, no further development has appeared.

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