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Pechora LNG Terminal was a proposed LNG terminal in Komi, Russia. It is now cancelled.


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Project Details

  • Owner: RN - Pechora LNG[1]
  • Parent: Rosneft (50%), Alltech Group (50%)[2]
  • Location: Pechora, Pechora, Komi, Russia
  • Coordinates: 65.166667, 57.25 (approximate)
  • Type: Export[1]
  • Trains: 1[1]
  • Capacity: 2.6 mtpa, 0.37 bcfd[1]
  • Status: Cancelled
  • Start Year:

Note: mtpa = million tonnes per year; bcfd = billion cubic feet per day


Pechora LNG Terminal is a proposed LNG terminal in Komi, Russia.[1] A feasibility study was conducted by Technip in 2010,[1] and a pre-investment study of the project and exploration work was completed upon establishment of the joint venture between Rosneft and ALLTECH Group for the RN-Pechora LNG company.[3]

In February 2018 the Energy Committee of the Duma decided that Rosneft could not export LNG from its Pechora LNG plant as this would undermine Gazprom’s export monopoly.[4] In September 2018 Rosneft announced that it was abandoning the project, while it was unclear if AllTech would attempt to pursue it independently.[2]

Since Rosneft abandoned the project there has been no further progress, and the project appears to be cancelled.

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