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Poland-Slovakia Gas Pipeline, also known as Polish-Slovak gas Interconnector[1], is a natural gas pipeline under construction in Poland and Slovakia.[2]


The pipeline would run from the Strachocina, Subcarpathian Voivodoship, Poland to Veľké Kapušany, Slovakia.[3][4][5]

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Pipeline Details

  • Operator: Gaz-System, Eustream
  • Parent Company: Gaz-System, Eustream
  • Proposed capacity:
    • Towards Poland: 5.7 billion cubic meters per year maximum[6]
    • Towards Slovakia: 4.7 billion cubic meters per year maximum[6]
  • Length: 162 km / 102 miles
    • Polish Section: 61 km / 38 miles[7]
    • Slovakian Section: 103 km / 64 miles[6]
  • Financing: €107 million grant from the EU's Connecting Europe Facility[8]; €70 million loan to Eustream from the European Investment Bank (EIB)[9]; additional unspecified project loan amount to Gaz-System from the EIB[10]
  • Cost: 270 million euros[5][11]
  • Status: Construction[1][12]
  • Start Year: 2022[6]
  • Identifiers:
    • ENTSOG 2020 TYNDP[13]
      • Polish Section: TRA-F-275
      • Slovakian Section: TRA-F-190
    • SciGrig_Gas IGG: INET_PL_914[14]
    • PCI List: 6.2.1[5]


In February 2017 the European Union granted €107 million for construction of the bidirectional pipeline, which covers 40% of the estimated cost of €270 million (300 million USD)[8]. It will carry 5.7 billion cubic meters per year (bcm) to Poland and 4.7 bcm to Slovakia.[2] EU public funding was approved under the Projects of Common Interest (PCI) program. In December 2017, the EIB signed a €70 million loan agreement with Eustream to cover the construction and operation of the Slovak section of the project.[9]

According to the European Commission, "The new cross-border pipeline DN1000 has a length of 162 km (length of the pipeline on SK side is 103 km and 59 km on PL side) and maximum capacity of 15.6 mcm/d in the direction SK->PL and of 12.9 mcm/d in the direction PL->SK. Modification of the compressor station in Strachocina (PL) with an estimated power of 30 MW, modification of the compressor station at Veké Kapušany (Slovakia) with an existing power of 283 MW and construction of border gas metering station on the SK territory."

On September 18, 2018, Eustream announced construction had begun[1] and its 2018-2019 annual report stated that welding works as well as "the gradual assembly and laying of gas pipeline" were underway as of the second quarter of 2019.[15] Gaz-System's construction began in 2019.[6]

In December 2019, the EIB signed a €233 million loan agreement with Gaz-System to cover the construction of the Polish section of the Poland-Slovakia interconnector as well as the construction of the company's Gustorzyn-Wronów Gas Pipeline in central-eastern Poland. The EIB did not provide disaggregated loan amounts for the two projects.[10]

As of August 4, 2021, "construction works are at a very advanced stage" according to Gaz-System. Tomasz Stępień, President of the Management Board of the Polish company stated "the progress of construction works on the interconnector is currently over 90%" and that that the project would be completed in the first quarter of 2022.[6]

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