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From Global Energy Monitor

Here are some of the industry front groups and trade groups advocating for fracking:

  • Energy in Depth (EID): Energy in Depth is a pro oil-and-gas drilling industry front group formed by the American Petroleum Institute, the Petroleum Association of America and dozens of additional industry organizations for the purpose of denouncing legislation proposed by Colorado U.S. Rep. Diana DeGette to regulate underground hydrofracking fluids. Energy in Depth denounced DeGette's proposed fracking legislation as an “unnecessary financial burden on a single small-business industry, American oil and natural gas producers.” In June, 2009, Energy in Depth started a multimillion dollar lobbying and public relations campaign aimed at derailing public health legislation that would require the disclosure of the chemicals used in fracking fluids. In addition to a website, EID's campaign includes a Twitter feed, a Facebook group, a YouTube channel and an aggressive advertising campaign. Shortly before the documentary Gasland first aired on HBO, the organization issued a "Gasland Debunked" portal on its site to discredit the film and its director, but skips over many of the key facts. Fox, along with numerous scientists and academics, penned a 40-page document titled "Affirming Gasland" in response to "Debunking Gasland." After Josh Fox's film was nominated for the Academy Award, Energy in Depth went on the attack again, writing a press release titled, “This nomination is fitting, as the Oscars are aimed at praising pure entertainment.” The Guardian debunked the response.
  • Joint Landowners Coalition of New York (JLCNY): The JLCNY is overwhelmingly supportive of industry drilling into the Marcellus Shale. JLNY describes itself as "a 501c 6 a non-for-profit corporation." It says it "represent[s] 17 counties and 37+ coalitions. Estimated numbers of households are currently over 20,000, representing approximately 70,000 people and over 800,000 acres throughout New York's Southern Tier." Like EID, JNLY has its own "Debunking Gasland page.
  • Marcellus Shale Coalition: Marcellus Shale Coalition is a well-funded industry group that is working to oppose efforts to regulate fracking and block efforts to protect drinking water.
  • NGVehicles: NGVehicles, also known as Clean Natural Gas Vehicles, is an industry-funded lobbying organization. The Center for Media and Democracy revealed that they were instrumental in writing the NAT GAS Act that was unveiled by the US Congress in April 2011.