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Primorsky GRES, also referred to as Primorskaya GRES, is a 1,467-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power plant in Primorsky territory, Russia.


The undated satellite photo below shows the plant, which is near Luchegorsk city, Pozharsky district, Primorsky territory.

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Background on Plant

The nine-unit, 1,467-MW, mine-to-mouth Primorsky GRES power station (also referred to as the Luchegorsky Fuel & Energy Complex (LuTEK)) was built between 1974 and 1990. The plant is the largest in Russia's Far East, and its 330-meter Stack 3 is tied for the 14th tallest in the world. The plant is owned by the Far Eastern Generating Company, a subsidiary of RAO Energy System of East — which is in turn majority-owned by RusHydro.[1][2]

In 2013, Far Eastern Generating Company began a substantial renovation of the existing nine units.[3]

In September 2019 RusHydro agreed to an asset swap which would transfer ownership of the plant and the Luchegorsky coal mine to Andrey Melnichenko, the majority-minority owner of the Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK). The swap was expected to occur in December 2019.[4] In June 2020 the asset swap was completed with SUEK becoming the plant's owner and RusHydro obtaining 41.98% ownership of the Far Eastern Energy Company.[5]

In 2021, SUEK announced plans for a large-scale modernization of the Primorsky power station, which would entail extensive repairs on all 9 of the station's power units. Work was scheduled to take place between April 2022 and April 2024. SUEK expected the modernization to "significantly increase the power generation capacity" of the power station, but did not provide a specific estimate of how many MW would be added.[6][7]

Description of Expansion

At one time, Platts stated that two additional 330-MW units are currently under development at the plant. As of 2014, no information or news about this was available on Far Eastern Generating Company's website, including in its "Investment" section.[8] With no updates since 2014, the expansion appears to be cancelled.

Plant Details

  • Sponsor: Far Eastern Generating Company
  • Parent company: Suek
  • Location: Luchegorsk city, Pozharsky district, Primorsky territory, Russia
  • Coordinates: 46.46517, 134.29063 (exact)
  • Status: Operating
  • Gross capacity: 1,467 MW
  • Type: Subcritical
  • In service: Unit 1: 1974; Unit 2: 1975; Unit 3: 1975; Unit 4: 1977; Unit 5: 1979; Unit 6: 1980; Unit 7: 1982; Unit 8: 1983; Unit 9: 1990
  • Coal type: Lignite
  • Coal source: Luchegorsk open-pit mine
  • Source of financing:

Project Details for Expansion

  • Sponsor: RusHydro
  • Status: Cancelled
  • Gross Capacity: 660 MW
  • Type:
  • Projected in service: TBD
  • Coal Type:
  • Coal Source: Luchegorsk open-pit mine
  • Source of financing:

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