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Revithoussa LNG Terminal is an LNG terminal in Attica, Greece.


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Project details

  • Operator: DESFA S.A.[1]
  • Owner: DESFA S.A.[1]
  • Parent company: DESFA SA
    • Shareholders of DESFA: Senfluga S.A. (Snam S.p.A., Enagás S.A., Fluxys and Damco Energy S.A.) with 66% and the Greek State with 34%[2]
  • Location: Revithoussa Island, Megara Bay, Attica, Greece
  • Coordinates: 37.96, 23.4023 (exact)
  • Capacity: 5.1 mtpa[3], 6.9 bcm/y[1]
  • Status: Operating
  • Type: Import
  • Start Year: 2000[1][3]

Expansion projects

Storage Expansion

  • Operator: DESFA SA[1]
  • Owner: DESFA SA[1]
  • Parent company: Senfluga S.A. (Snam S.p.A., Enagás S.A., Fluxys, Copelouzos Group (via Damco Energy S.A.)) [66%]; Greek State [34%][2]
  • Vessel: GasLog Athens[4]
  • Vessel Operator:
  • Vessel Owner: GasLog[4]
  • Vessel Parent Company: GasLog[4]
  • Location: Revithoussa Island, Megara Bay, Attica, Greece
  • Coordinates: 37.96, 23.4023 (exact)
  • Storage Capacity: 145,000 cubic meters[5]
  • Status: Operating[4]
  • Type: Import[6]
  • Cost:


Revithoussa LNG Terminal is an LNG terminal in Attica, Greece.[7] It is located on the islet of Revithoussa (or Revythousa), in the Gulf of Megara, west of Athens. It was completed in 1999 and is operated by DESFA SA, which was a fully owned subsidiary of DEPA.[8]

In November 2018 a second stage of construction was completed, with a third LNG storage tank that increased the terminal's capacity by 40%.[9] Despite this, according to Food and Water Europe, "...between January 2012 and March 2019 [the terminal] operated at only about 14% of its capacity. Even in 2011, when gas demand peaked in Greece, the terminal was used at less than 25% of its capacity. While the expansion of the terminal may have further improved energy security, the proposed Alexandroupolis LNG Terminal in the North of Greece generates doubts about its commercial viability and will most likely worsen the utilization rate of the existing terminal.[10]

In December 2018, the Senfluga consortium, consisting of Italy's Snam, Spain's Enagas and Belgium's Fluxys, bought a 66% stake in DESFA in a €535 million deal.[11] With the Greek state maintaining its 34% stake in DESFA, in January 2020 Damco Energy, a unit of Greek group Copelouzos, acquired a 10% stake in Senfluga.[12]

In April 2022, DESFA reported that LNG deliveries to the Revithoussa terminal had surged in the first quarter of the year due primarily to an increased supply of US LNG imports, with 21 vessels received in January-March compared to nine in the same period in 2021.[13]

Additional floating storage unit and capacity expansion

In April 2022, DESFA announced that it would be upgrading the Revithoussa terminal in preparation for a potential cut-off of gas supply from Russia. The company said it was planning to add a floating storage unit (FSU) to the existing facilities in order to increase storage capacity to 380,000 cubic meters from the current 225,000 cubic meters, and that the it planned to increase regasification capacity by 12%.[6] The new FSU was expected to be in place by July 2022.[14] The Communist Party of Greece (KKE), the fourth biggest party in the Greek parliament, said that the government's backing for the project upgrade was exploiting the gas crisis and that it was promoting "extremely expensive American LNG, which the Greek people will pay for at a time when Greek shipowners are making a fortune from its transportation."[15]

In May 2022, DESFA said that it had awarded the contract for the lease of the FSU at Revithoussa to GasLog for a period of 12 months.[16]

In November 2022, the GasLog Athens FSU began operations, increasing the facility's storage capacity to 370,000 cubic meters.[4][5] The additional storage volume will help fulfill power generation units' obligations to have a strategic fuel reserves.[5]

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