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Riau Kemitraan power station (also known as Peranap power station, Riau Mine-Mouth Plant, PLTU RIau Kemitraan, PLN-TNB-PTBA plant) is a proposed 600-megawatt (MW) coal-fired station in Riau Province, Indonesia. (Note: "Kemitraan means "partnership" in Indonesian)


The map below shows the location of Peranap District, the approximate location of the project, in Indragiri Hulu Regency, Riau Province.

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Background on Plant

In 2010 PLN invited bids for from independent power producers to develop the Riau Mine-Mouth power station on a BOOT (Build Own Operate Transfer) basis pursuant to a 25-year Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). The plant would be located near a mine operated by the state coal mining company, Tambang Batubara Bukit Asam (PTBA). Bids were scheduled to be considered in June 2010.[1][2][3]

In June 2012, PTBA signed a memorandum of understanding with Malaysia's Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) to sell the majority of the plant's power to Malaysia.[3] The plant was listed as between 800 and 1,200 MW.[4] In February 2013, PTBA President Milawarma further explained the project, describing it within the context of the company's efforts to broaden its activities beyond coal mining.[5]

By May 2013, PLN had apparently joined the project, together with PTBA and TNB.[6] In 2014, PLN's ten-year plan for 2013-22 also shows the plant, as a 1,200 MW project coming online in 2018 known as "PLTU Riau Kemitraan (PLN-TNB-PTBA)."[7]

According to a May 2013 report, Bukit Asam had 270 million tons of reserves to supply the plant. In addition, Bukit Asam said it was opening the land acquisition process in the company's 18 thousand hectare concession area in Peranap to supply the needs to the plant. The resources available to support the plant were described as 800 million tons in size. The company said that studies had been previously done a 2 x 300 MW mine-mouth plant, but that the earlier plan had been cancelled.[8]

In April 2015, Investor Daily reported that Bukit Asam intended to begin to develop the Peranap plant with a capacity of 800 MW to 1200 MW in the second half of the year.[9]

The 2016-2025 PT PLN electricity supply plan shows the one 600 MW unit of the project coming online in 2019. The plan does not mention a second unit.[10] The 2017-2026 long range plan does not include the Riau Kemitraan project.[11]

According to a March 2017 statement by Bukit Asam, Bukit Asam, PLN, and Malaysia's TNB will revive the project with a capacity of 800 - 1200 MW. Under the agreement, PLN will be the majority owner, with Bukit Asam and TNB holding a minority stake. The associated transmission will link Peranap and Malaysia, with TNB holding a majority stake and PLN and Bukit Asam holding a minority stake. Of the power generated, 50% will be supplied to Malaysia and 50% will be supplied to the domestic market.[12] According to an April 2017 investor presentation, the commercial operating date (COD) for the project is 2022.[13]

The 2018-2027 PT PLN long-range plan lists one unit of 600 MW coming online in 2024.[14] A gas-fired plant with the name Riau-2 is listed in the plan; plans for a second coal-fired unit appear to have been shelved.[14]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: PT Bukit Asam (PTBA), Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB), and PLN
  • Location: Peranap District, Indragiri Hulu Regency, Riau Province, Sumatra, Indonesia
  • Coordinates: -0.5262206, 101.9690037 (approximate)
  • Status: Shelved
  • Gross Capacity: 600 MW
  • Type: Subcritical
  • Start date: 2024
  • Coal Type: "Medium and low calorific"[5]
  • Coal Source: Bukit Asam (mine mouth plant)
  • Source of financing:

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