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Road Fork mine, also known as Road Fork #51 mine or Road Fork #52 mine is an underground coal mine located approximately 3 miles west of Pineville, Wyoming County, West Virginia and owned by Spartan Mining Company, a subsidiary of Alpha Natural Resources, Inc.[1]


The map below shows the exact location of the mine.

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The mine started operations in 1950 with the Consolidation Coal Company. In 1975,production was transferred to National Mines Corp, and in 2005 to Spartan Mining Company.[2]

Since 2005, Spartan Mining Company operates the mine, which is owned by Alpha Metallurgical Resources Inc. The mine has not been productive since June 2020. In 2019, the last full calendar year for which the mine was operational, it produced 0.5 million short tons, and had 123 employees.[2]

As of December 2020, the mine had 32 million tons in reserves, of which 23 million was proven and 9 million was probable.[3]

Mine Details

  • Operator: Spartan Mining Company[2]
  • Owner: : Alpha Metallurgical Resources Inc[2]
  • Location: Pineville, Wyoming County, West Virginia[1]
  • Coordinates: 37.570008, -81.566313 (exact)
  • Status: Operating, non producing
  • Production: 502,065 short tons[2]
  • Employees: 123[2]
  • Total Reserves: 32,803 thousand short tons (total), 23,238 thousand short tons (proven), 9,565 thousand short tons (probable)[3]
  • Mineable Reserves:
  • Coal Type: Bituminous[2]
  • Mine Type: Underground[2]
  • Start Year: 1950[2]
  • Source of Financing:

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