Sakhalin-Hokkaido Gas Pipeline

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Sakhalin-Hokkaido Gas Pipeline was a proposed natural gas pipeline from Russia to Japan.[1] Since in May 2021 Gazprom announced that they would not be going forward with this pipeline, we consider this project shelved.[2]


The pipeline was planned to run from Sakhalin Island, Russia to Hokkaido, Japan, and from there to Honshu, Japan.

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Project Details

  • Parent Company: Gazprom, Japanese Pipeline Development Organization (JPDO)
  • Capacity: 25 bcm/year
  • Length: 932 miles / 1,500 kilometers[3]
  • Status: Shelved[2]
  • Start Year:


The pipeline was first proposed in 1974 but negotiations between Russia (then the USSR) and Japan faltered over the issue of Japanese islands seized by Soviet troops during World War II.[4] In 1998 the Japan Pipeline Development Organization (JPDO) was formed to purse the project with Russia.[5] In May 2021 Gazprom stated that it was not considering building the pipeline.[2]

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