Shaanxi Yidong Coal Mine

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Shaanxi Yidong Coal Mine (陕西益东矿业有限责任公司益东煤矿) is located in within Zhongji Town of Shenmu City, Shaanxi Province, China. The annual production capacity of it is designed to be 1.2 million tonnes(Mt) per year.


The undated satellite photo below shows the coal mine located in Liujiahao Village, Zhongji Town, Shenmu, Shaanxi Province, China.

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Coal Mine Background

The construction of Yidong Coal Mine began in May 2013 and completed in Febuary 2017. On October 17th 2017, Yidong Mine stepped into the joint commissioning phase.[1]

On April 27th 2018, it received the coal mine safety production license issued by the Shaanxi Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau needed for formal operation.[2]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: Shaanxi Yidong Mining Co.
  • Parent Company: Gao Zhilin(36%), Yang Xingtian(25%), Wang Maorong(18%), Liu Shenghua(16%), Liu Zhenfeng(5%)
  • Location: Liujiahao Village, Zhongji Town, Shenmu, Shaanxi Province, China
  • GPS Coordinates: 39.204632,110.003136
  • Status: Operating
  • Production Capacity: 1.2 Mt/year
  • Total Resources: 175.97Mt[3]
  • Minable Reserves: 110.4Mt
  • Coal Type: Bituminous
  • Mine Size: 14.8377k㎡[4]
  • Mine Type: Underground
  • Start Year: 2018
  • Source of Financing:

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