Shanxin Village Surface Mine

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Shanxin Village Surface Mine (云南国能煤电有限公司山心村露天煤矿) is a permitted coal mine invested and operated by Yunnan Guoneng Coal Power Company. It is located in the territory of Xinshao Town, under the administration of Honghezhou, Yunnan Province. The annual production capacity of it, which was originally designed to be 0.9 million tonnes(Mt) per year, has been increased to 5Mt/year in 2014.


The undated satellite photo below shows the coal mine located in Xinshao Town, Mile County, Honghezhou, Yunnan Province, China.

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Coal Mine Background

In July 2014, the National Development and Reform Commission approved the upgrade and expansion project of Shanxin Village Surface Coal Mine in Kuazhu Mining Area of Yunnan Province. The capacity of coal mine has been expanded from 0.9 Mt/year to 5 Mt/year.[1]

The construction began in March of 2016 and completed in December 2017. The trail operation of the project was carried out between March to June of 2018. In October of the same year, it has successfully passed the final completion check and acceptance prior to official operation. [2]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: Yunnan Guoneng Coal Power Co.
  • Parent Company: Jinshiqi International Holdings Co.(99.11%), individual(0.89%)
  • Location: Xinshao Town, Mile County, Honghezhou, Yunnan Province, China
  • GPS Coordinates: 24.221251,103.41029
  • Status: Operating
  • Production Capacity: 5 Mt/year
  • Total Resource:
  • Minable Reserves: 95.43Mt[3]
  • Coal Type: Bituminous
  • Mine Size: 12.65k㎡[4]
  • Mine Type: Surface
  • Start Year: 2018
  • Source of Financing:

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