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Sheshadri Power & Infrastructure (HNPC) is an Indian company which is proposing a 1,320 megawatt (MW) Hindupur power station, a coal-fired power station. The plant has been proposed for Hindupur near Raichur, Mahaboobnagar, Andhra Pradesh, India.[1] A Ministry of Coal document referred to the project as being proposed to be 1200MW comprising two 600MW units.[2]

While the company and the plant proposal date back to approximately 2008, little is known about the company or the proposal. The company does not have a website and a client listing of various coal and power companies by the consultancy company BARSYL lists Sheshadri Power & Infrastructure's email contact as being via a gmail account.[3]

Contact details

Sheshadri Power & Infrastructure,
Road No 8,
Banjara Hills,
Andhra Pradesh.

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