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Çerkezköy power station (also known as EÜAŞ Çerkezköy power plant) is a proposed 990-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power plant in Tekirdağ province, Turkey.


The map below shows the approximate planned location of the plant in Pınarca and Kapaklı districts of Çerkezköy town, Tekirdağ province, Turkey.[1]

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Background on Plant

The Trakya region, where Tekirdag is situated, has large swaths of land designated as agricultural or forest land. Turkish law does not allow construction projects on land defined as such. Thus, the region has been subject to multiple spatial plan revisions that aimed to change land designation in order to allow for coal plant construction projects such as Eren-1, Vize and Çerkezköy. Lignite reserves were previously explored in the Çerkezköy basin[1]and the oldest geological reconnaissance for the Trakya region dates back to 1954.[2] The use of lignite coal has been a priority in Turkey's energy strategy since 2009.[3]

In October 2016, Elektrik Üretim (EÜAŞ), the state energy agency, announced that the Cerkezkoy plant would be built between the towns of Cerkezkoy in Tekirdag and Silivri in Istanbul.[4] The project came with a spatial plan revision which re-designated land between the two towns as "energy generation area". The revised plan was also included the Vize power station.[5] In February 2017, an emergency expropriation was issued to expedite the process.[6] Local community, Çerkezköy municipality, the provincial committee of the chambers of Engineers and Architects and environmental groups took the expropriation and the spatial plan change to court.[7] In September 2017, the State Council decided against the emergency expropriation.[8]

On October 17 2017, the Ministry of Environment changed the spatial plan of Çerkezköy for a second time. According to the new spatial plan, the plant would be further away from Istanbul, in an area between Pınarca and Kapaklı districts of Çerkezköy. This new area was also re-designated as "energy generation area".[9] According to the EIA report published in November 2017, the plant was planned to consist of 3 units of 330 MW capacity.[10] Environmental permission procedures proceeded despite opposition.[8] The public permitting meeting, a part of EIA process, was planned to be held on February 1, 2018. However, protests against the proposed plant grew as a reaction to the local community's exclusion from the meeting. The meeting was cancelled as a result.[11]

On public permitting meeting day, the protest grew as some locals were not allowed to enter the meeting room, Feb 2018, ©Çerkezköy Haber.

In December 2018, AKP Tekirdağ parliamentarians announced on social media that the plant had been cancelled due to "technical" reasons.[12] On 4 February 2019, the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization cancelled "EIA positive decision" of the plant.[13] In July 2020, the 6th Chamber of the Council of State suspended the spatial plan revisions that had allocated land to the plant as "energy generation area". The council cited the plant's negative impact to the irrigated agriculture and local water reserves.[14]

Environmental Impact

The plant is proposed to be built on agricultural and forest lands, and environmental groups claim that it would cause 500 hectares of deforestation.[13] Local residents resisted the plant citing environmental and health concerns.[15] A Greenpeace report in 2018 estimated that Çerkezköy coal power plant would cause 141 premature deaths a year as a result of exposure to PM2.5 and NO2.[16]


The Chamber of Electrical Engineers stated that, due to a 15-year government purchase guarantee, the total cost of electricity from the plant could amount to 5.4 million US dollars (20.3 million lira). The Chamber noted that the plant would therefore be less profitable than a renewable energy alternative.[17]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: Electricity Generation Corporation (EÜAŞ)
  • Parent company: Electricity Generation Corporation (EÜAŞ)
  • Location: Çerkezköy town, Çerkezköy district, Tekirdağ Province, Turkey
  • Coordinates: 41.319, 28.055 (approximate)
  • Status: Cancelled
  • Gross capacity: 990 MW (3 x 330 MW)
  • Type:
  • Projected in service:
  • Coal type: Lignite
  • Coal source:
  • Source of financing:

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