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Sinobras steel plant (Siderúrgica Norte Brasil) is an integrated steel plant in Marabá, Pará, Brasil.[1]


The map below shows the location of the steel plant in Marabá, Para, Brasil.

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Sinobras (Siderúrgica Norte Brasil) is the largest operating steel industry in northern Brazil. The company is integrated with Aço Cearense, a metallurgy company based in Fortaleza, Ceará state. Its plant is located in the city of Marabá, in the Carajás region, in the southeast of the state of Pará.[1] Its current estimated production is 380 thousand tons[2] of rolled steel per year, and it has a staff of 1,700 employees. It ranks third among Brazilian companies in liability for environmental fines, being considered one of the largest deforesters in the Amazon.[1]

The iron ore used in the Sinobras plant comes from mines owned by Vale in the Serra dos Carajás, in southeastern Pará state. The plant's production is aimed at the domestic market, mainly civil construction. Sinobras is part of Aço Cearense, Brazil's main steel importer, which buys product from China, Russia, and other countries.

Sinobras has several investments, including the Belo Monte Hydroelectric Plant consortium. In partnership with Vale, Sinobras is developing the Alpa (Aços Laminados do Pará) project, which will be the largest steel plant in the region.[3]

Sinobras was one of the only companies in the Industrial District of Marabá that did not stop operations as a result of Brazil's 2008-2009 economic crisis. It already had an independent reforestation project and sustainability policies, in addition to participating in the Carajás Forest Fund, created in 2007 to encourage and inspect reforestation projects.

Sinobras currently produces 300 thousand tons of long steel rebar per year. All material is destined for the domestic market.

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