South Transit Eastern Pyrenees (STEP) Gas Pipeline

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South Transit Eastern Pyrenees (STEP) Gas Pipeline was a proposed gas pipeline in Spain and France.[1] In January 2019, the regulating bodies of France and Spain officially rejected the request to build, cancelling the project.[2]


The pipeline would have passed through Hostalric, Spain; Figueres, Spain; and Barbaira, France.[3][4]

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Pipeline Details

  • Owner: ENAGAS / Teréga
  • Proposed Capacity:
  • Length: 227 km / 141 miles[5]
  • Diameter: 36 inches
  • Status: Cancelled
  • Start Year:


The STEP gas pipeline would have included several sections, including the Hostalrich-Figueras; Figueras-French border; and Barbaira-Spanish border pipelines.[3]

It was listed as a European Commision Project of Common Interest under the code 5.5.1. The European Commission technical description stated: "On the Spanish side, the project consists of a pipeline between Hostalrich and Figueras (79km, 36’’ /900mm ), a pipeline between Figueras and the French border (28km ,36’’/900mm)and a compressor station in Martorell (36MW). On the French side, the project consists of a pipeline between Barbaira and the Spanish border (120km, 36“/ 900mm), two connections with the existing pipe and the adaptation of the Barbaira compression station piping."[3]

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