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Southampton Power Station was a 71.1-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power station owned and operated by Dominion near Franklin, Virginia.


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Plant Data

  • Owner: Dominion Virginia Power
  • Parent Company: Dominion
  • Plant Nameplate Capacity: 71.1 MW (Megawatts)
  • Units and In-Service Dates: Unit 1: 71.1 MW (1992)
  • Location: 30134 General Thomas Hwy., Franklin, VA 23851
  • GPS Coordinates: 36.652187, -76.994911
  • Coal Consumption:
  • Coal Source:
  • Number of Employees:
  • Unit Retirements: Converted to using biomass, scheduled for retirement in 2028.[1]

Conversion to biomass

In April 2011, Dominion Resources announced that its subsidiary Dominion Virginia Power, has decided use biomass instead of coal in three of its power stations: Altavista Power Station, Hopewell Power Station and Southampton Power Station. The plants will mainly use waste wood left from timbering operations as a source of fuel. If approved by the local authority and the regulators will begin production from the converted units in 2013. The units can presently produce 63 megawatts (MW) power each and are only used when demand is at its peak. After conversion, these units will produce 50 MW each.[2]

Emissions Data

  • CO2 Emissions: 242,193 tons (2005)
  • SO2 Emissions: 75 tons (2005)
  • SO2 Emissions per MWh: 0.44 lb/MWh (2005)
  • NOx Emissions: 476 tons (2005)
  • Mercury Emissions:

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