Stingray Gas Pipeline

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Stingray Gas Pipeline is an operating natural gas pipeline.


The pipeline runs from the Gulf of Mexico to onshore transmission systems located in southwest Louisiana.

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Project Details

  • Operator: Stingray Pipeline Company, LLC
  • Parent Company: Enbridge Offshore 50%; MarkWest 50%
  • Current capacity: 1200 Million cubic feet per day
  • Proposed capacity:
  • Length: 325 miles / 523 km
  • Status: Operating
  • Start Year: 1974


The Stingray Gas Pipeline is operated by the Stingray Pipeline Company, LLC, which is owned by Enbridge Offshore (50%) and MarkWest (50%).[1] At the time of its construction, in 1974, gas was kept flowing through the pipeline by an offshore compressor station complex known as "Stingray City," which was located 100 miles from shore, in 200 feet of water.[2] This far offshore complex was a precursor to the liquid natural gas facilities (FLNG's) now being planned for the Gulf of Mexico, such as Delfin FLNG.

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