Sugodinsk-Ogodzhinsky coal field

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The Sugodinsk-Ogodzhinsky reserves are located in Amur Oblast, Russia. The coal field is being developed into a coal mine, which has not yet been named.


The map shows the mine, near Ogodzha, Selemdzhinsky District, Amur Oblast, Russia.[1]

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According to a document from the Ministry of Energy of the Russian Federation, the project passed state examination and received a positive conclusion, permission was issued for the construction of a coal mine, and an industrial site and the necessary infrastructure are under construction.[2]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: Ogodzhinskaya Coal Company LLC[3]
  • Parent Company: SibAnthracite[3]
  • Location: Ogodzha, Selemdzhinsky District, Amur Oblast, Russia[3]
  • GPS Coordinates: 52.750425, 132.581978 (exact)
  • Status: Proposed
  • Production Capacity: 12 mtpa[3]
  • Total Resource: 1.6 billion tons[4]
  • Mineable Reserves: 744 million tons[4]
  • Coal type: Coal grade D, G, SS, T, A[2]
  • Mine Size:
  • Mine Type: open pit mine[2]
  • Start Year: 2022[3]
  • Source of Financing:

Expansion details

  • Status: Proposed
  • Production Capacity: Increase by 8 mtpa to 20 mtpa[3]
  • Mineable Reserves:
  • Start Year:
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