Xintian Tangshan LNG Terminal

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Xintian Tangshan LNG Terminal (新天唐山曹妃甸LNG接收站) is a proposed LNG terminal under development in Caofeidian Industrial Zone, Tangshan, Hebei, China.


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Project Details

  • Sponsor: Caofeidian Xintian Liquefaction Natural Gas Company 曹妃甸新天液化天然气有限公司[1]
  • owner: Suntien Green Energy Co., Ltd 51%; Hebei Construction & Investment Group Co., Ltd. 49%.
  • Parent: Suntien Green Energy Co., Ltd
  • Location: Caofeidian Industrial Zone, Tangsham, Hebei, China
  • Coordinates: 38.957077, 118.5646 (exact)
  • Capacity: Phase One: 7 mtpa; Phase Two; 3.5 mtpa; Phase Three: 3.5 mtpa
  • Status: Phase One: Construction: Phase Two: Proposed; Phase Three: Proposed
  • Type: Import
  • Start Year: Phase One: 2022; Phase Two: TBD; Phase Three: TBD

Note: mtpa = million tonnes per year; bcfd = billion cubic feet per day


In September 2018 Caofeidian Xintian Liquefaction Natural Gas Company announced plans to build the project in three phases, with completion of Phase One expected in October 2020.[2][3]

The EIA report of the project was approved by MEE in May 2019.[4] It was permitted by NDRC in October 2019, along with a 176-km transporting gas pipeline, and by July 28, the construction of the first phase of the LNG terminal has begun.[5]

Suntien Green Energy Company intends to issue shares in a non-public offering and raise funds not exceeding 5.11 billion yuan ($785.6 million). More than half of the raised money will be used to support the first and second phases of the LNG terminal project.[6]

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