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Taean power station (태안화력) is a 6,100-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power station in Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea.


The undated satellite photo below shows the Taean power station, which is located in Chungcheongnam-do, South Korea, 100 km southwest of Seoul.

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In addition, a 300 MW IGCC plant is located at the site. The plant is one of the top ten largest coal plants in the world.

The power station originally consisted of eight 500 MW units built from 1995-2007.[1] The 4,000 MW plant provides power to the South Korean capital and the surrounding regions and is located in Taeangun, Chungcheongnam-do, about 100km southwest of Seoul.[2]

According to the country's 8th Basic Plan for Long-Term Electricity Supply and Demand (2017-2031), finalized in December 2017, Taean power station Units 1-2 were proposed to be converted to burn gas instead. The date of the proposed conversion was not listed.[3][4]

However, in the 9th Basic Plan released in 2020, a schedule was set to replace coal units 1-6 with LNG plants from 2025-2032.[5] In September 2022, the Chungcheongnam-do Council Chairman, while advocating for the Taean power station's early closure, pointed out that replacement LNG plants would be located in different regions and would not provide replacement employment for power station workers.[6]

Coal Expansion

Units 9 and 10 of 1,050 MW each (2,100 MW total) were scheduled for completion in 2016.[7]

The new units were delayed due to accidents and defects. Before the completion of the project, the third stage of the turbine, which is the core cycle, was damaged and a fire occurred, delaying commissioning. Unit 9 was eventually completed in 2016,[8] and Unit 10 was completed in 2017.[9][10][11]

Financing for Units 9 and 10

The project was financed through bonds from the following entities: National Pension Service (US$256,110,465), NH Investment Securities (US$137,215,245), Korea Post (US$18,295,366), and IBK Affiliates (US$54,883,766).[12]

Taean IGCC Project

The Taean IGCC Project is the first commercial integrated gasification combined cycle project to be built in South Korea. The project will produce syngas from low-BTU coal; the syngas will then be burned to generate electricity. As of 2014, the project was under construction and slated for start-up in late 2015.[13][14]

The IGCC plant is being considered for retrofit with carbon capture and storage technology by 2020, known as Korea-CCS2.[15]

On August 19, 2016, KEPCO announced the IGCC plant had begun operation.[16]

In January 2023, an explosion occurred at the IGCC unit, which caused a fire that lasted several hours.[17]


The power station has faced intense opposition over the years. For example, in November 2021, a new coal ash waste deal triggered protests by environmental groups including the Ando Lighthouse Keeper, the Coastal Beach Keeper of Korea, and the Green National Alliance Taean-gun Branch. Demonstrations included various slogans and banners, such as 'Taean Thermal Power should immediately stop shipping coal waste (reclaimed ash)' and 'Did Taean Thermal Power forget the sinking of a coal waste carrier that ruined the Taean Sea?' In October 2019, the Moasun No. 12001 barge carrying more than 6,000 tons of coal ash sank near Geunheung-myeon, Taean-gun.[18][19] The site has been associated with various environmental act violations.[20]

Opposition also exists against an 'un-just' energy transition. In April 2022, workers from the Taean plant supported the formation of the Climate Justice Alliance for System Transformation, which focuses on the social equity components of South Korea's coal phase-out. The alliance noted that skilled coal workers were being laid off in large numbers and that there must be solidarity among these people while the transition to renewable energy takes place.[21]

Criminal Charges after Worker Death

In December 2018, a fatal accident occurred at the plant when a nightshift worker got caught in the machinery while inspecting a coal conveyor belt for Units 9 and 10 of the power station. According to reports, other employees of the plant stated: "the cause of Kim’s death was the fact that... Korea Western Power had given the job to a subcontractor that bid too low to allow their employees to work in pairs."[22]

In February 2022, the Daejeon District Court ruled that subcontractors had violated safety management duties, and the former CEO of Korea Development Technology was sentenced to one year and six months in prison and two years of probation. Seven executives and employees of Korea Western Power were sentenced to two years of probation, but the then-president of Korea Western Power was acquitted.[23]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: Korean Western Power Co Ltd (KOWEPO)
  • Parent: Korea Electric Power Corporation (KEPCO)
  • Location: Banggal-ri, Wonbuk-myeon, Taean-gun, Chuncheongnam-do
  • Coordinates: 36.9055681, 126.2346268 (exact)
  • Status: Units 1-10: Operating; IGCC Project: Operating
  • Gross generating capacity (announced): 3,000 MW[5]
    • Unit 1: LNG-fired, 500MW (start-up in 2025)
    • Unit 2: LNG-fired, 500MW (start-up in 2025)
    • Unit 3: LNG-fired, 500MW (start-up in 2028)
    • Unit 4: LNG-fired, 500MW (start-up in 2029)
    • Unit 5: LNG-fired, 500MW (start-up in 2032)
    • Unit 6: LNG-fired, 500MW (start-up in 2032)
  • Gross generating capacity (operating): 6,466 MW[24]
    • Units 1-8: Coal-fired, 500 MW
    • Units 9-10: Coal-fired, 1,050 MW
    • IGCC Project: 346 MW[25]
  • Type: Units 9 and 10: Ultra-supercritical; IGCC Project: Integrated gasification combined cycle
  • Projected in service: Unit 9: 2016; Unit 10: 2017; IGCC Project: 2016
  • Coal Type: Bituminous[26]
  • Coal Source:
  • Source of financing: Units 9 and 10: National Pension Service (US$256,110,465), NH Investment Securities (US$137,215,245), Korea Post (US$18,295,366), and IBK Affiliates (US$54,883,766)[12]
  • Planned Coal Unit Retirements: Units 1 & 2 are scheduled to close by 2025; Unit 3 by 2028; Unit 4 by 2029; Units 5 & 6 by 2032; Units 7 & 8 by 2037; Unit 9 by 2046.[27]

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