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Taketoyo Power Station Unit 5 (武豊火力発電所 or 武豊火力発電所) is a proposed 1,070-megawatt (MW) coal-fired plant in Taketoyo, Aichi, Japan.


The undated satellite photo below shows the location of the plant in Taketoyo.

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Background on existing plant

Plans to build a power station in Taketoyo were drawn up in the late 1950s, with the development of Kinuura Port and the first oil-fired unit, with a 220 MW turbine, went on line in 1966. The remaining three oil-fired units come on line in 1972, and served to power Aichi Prefecture and Nagoya Metropolis.[1]

Plans were made to close the facility by the mid-2000s due to rising fuel and maintenance costs. Unit 1 was closed in March 2002, but the closure of other units was delayed after the the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami and subsequent closure of the Hamaoka Nuclear Power Plant.[2][3][4]

In August 2017 it was reported that the three remaining oil-fired units had been 80% dismantled as Chubu Electric planned to begin construction of a new coal-fired unit.[5]

Generating Units

Unit 1 (scrapped)

  • Rated capacity: 220 MW
  • Operational: 1966 – March 2002

Unit 2 (operational)

  • Rated capacity: 375 MW
  • Operational: June 1972
  • Fuel: heavy oil, crude oil

Unit 3 (operational)

  • Rated capacity: 375 MW
  • Operational: June 1972
  • Fuel: heavy oil, crude oil

Unit 4 (operational)

  • Rated capacity: 375 MW
  • Operational: June 1972
  • Fuel: Heavy Oil, Crude Oil

Proposed coal-fired power station

Chubu Electric Power is seeking permits for a new coal-fired 1,070 MW power station at the power station, with a planned commissioning of 2022.[6][7][8] The coal-fired power station would replace the three oil-burning units.[9]

In August 2015, Japan’s environment minister Yoshio Mochizuki said he will not support the new coal power station. Mochizuki released a statement that the proposal may threaten Japan’s efforts to reduce emissions.[9]

In August 2017, Japan's new environment minister Koichi Yamamoto said plans for the coal plant should be reconsidered, or even scrapped, amid growing concerns that Japan may miss emissions reductions targets. The environment ministry makes comments in an advisory role only, with final approval for the plant resting with the industry ministry, who plans to issue a recommendation on the project by mid-September 2017.[10]

In October 2017, Chubu submitted its Environmental Impact Assessment Report to the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry and received approval in December 2017.[11] Construction of the plant began in May 2018.[12]


In April 2020, a financing agreement for the expansion was closed. The project received US$2.32 billion in loans from undisclosed entities.[13]

Project Details of proposed coal plant

  • Sponsor: JERA
  • Parent Company: TEPCO Fuel & Power, Inc. 50% , Chubu Electric Power Co., Inc. 50%[14]
  • Location: Taketoyo town, Chita district, Aichi Prefecture
  • Coordinates: 34.845, 136.961667 (exact)
  • Status: Construction
  • Capacity: 1,070 MW
  • Type: Ultra-supercritical
  • Start date: 2022
  • Coal Type:
  • Coal Source: Imported
  • Source of financing: US$2.32 billion in debt from undisclosed sources[13]

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