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Tanjung Jati A power station, also known as Jawa-3, was a proposed 1,320-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power station in Pengarengan, Pangenan, Cirebon, Indonesia.


The plant is in Pengarengan, Pangenan, Cirebon, Indonesia.

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Background on Plant

Tanjung Jati A power station was originally proposed in the 1990s, but the project was put on hold. In its first configuration, Bakrie Power owned 20% and Maharani Paramitra, which is controlled by former President Suharto's second eldest daughter, Siti Hediati Herijadi Prabowo, also owned 20%. The remaining 60% of shares were equally held by Britain's National Power and Japan's Tomen Power. The project stalled, however, and Bakrie's partners pulled out.[1]

In April 2011, it was reported that the project was being revived, this time in partnership with Korean rather than Japanese companies. Bakrie began working with Samsung Construction & Trading (a subsidiary of Samsung) in April 2011 to restart the project. The cost of the project would be about $2 billion, of which Bakrie would cover the majority. Bakrie prefers not to work with Japanese partners since they want the project to use imported components from Japan. Bakrie entered into a memorandum of agreement with Samsung in February 2011.[1]

In January 2015, as part of a proposed debt restructuring, Bakrie again announced that it was renewing its push to build the plant. The company stated that it would be building the plant in the Cirebon area. Bakrie is searching for a new foreign partner. Completion is now scheduled for 2019.[2][3]

In December 2015, power generation and water/sewage treatment group YTL Power said its 80% owned unit, PT Tanjung Jati Power Co., had signed a restated and amended power purchase agreement for construction of the 2 x 660MW coal plant with the republic’s national utility firm PT PLN (Persero). The estimated cost is US$2.7billion (RM11.6bil).[4] According to the 2016-2025 long range plan for PT PLN, the PLTU Jawa-3 project can be allocated to Tanjung Jati A.[5]

In December 2016, China's Harbin Electric was awarded the engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contract for the Tanjung Jati A power station. Harbin stated the contract was worth over RMB100 million (approximately US$14 million).[6]

The 2017-2026 long range plan listed Jawa-3 and Tanjung Jati A as the same project, comprising two 660-MW units, one targeted for 2019 and the other targeted for 2020. Further details are not provided.[7][8] An August 2015 presentation by PT PLN listed the project for 2021/2022.[9] In February 2019, the government's long-range plan for 2019-2028 listed the project's two units with completion dates of 2024 and 2025.[10]

In December 2018, Bakrie announced that land acquisition was 99% complete and that construction would begin in Q2 2019.[11]

In August 2020 China Construction Third Engineering Bureau signed an additional EPC contract for the power station, joining Harbin Electric.[12] In September 2020 GE announced that it would stop making turbines for new coal-fired power plants. GE was supposed to supply the turbines for Tanjung Jati A.[13]

In December 2020, PT Bakrie & Brothers Tbk. stated that a 500 kV tower had been constructed to connect the power station to the PLN grid, and that 239 hectares of land in Cirebon had been acquired for the project.[14]

Environmental Permitting Reversed

In October 2022, the Bandung State Administrative Court cancelled the power station's environmental permit. This was in response to a legal challenge filed by Friends of the Earth Indonesia (WALHI), who argued that the permit was issued without considering the plant’s contribution to climate change. The court accepted that the plant would emit 530 million tonnes of carbon dioxide over 30 years.[15]

In November 2022, the Bandung State Administrative Court's decision was not appealed by the deadline. Therefore, the revoked permit had "permanent legal force" (Google translate).[16]


In March 2019, the AP reported that YTL Power International, together with financial adviser Evercore, were working on Chinese financing for the project, estimated to cost US$2.7 billion. Malaysian banks CIMB and RHB are working on the debt financing.[17]

In April 2020, a plan was announced to issue sukuk ("sharia compliant" bonds) with a total value of US$2.2 billion in order to finance the plant.[18]

In December 2020, PT Bakrie & Brothers Tbk stated that it planned to finalize the USD 2.2 billion in funding for the Tanjung Jati A power station by the end of 2020, stating the funding would come from "external companies".[14]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: PT Bakrie Power, PT Tanjung Jati Power
  • Parent company: YTL Power (80%), Bakrie Group (20%)
  • Location: Pengarengan, Pangenan, Cirebon, Central Java Province, Indonesia
  • Coordinates: -6.768626, 108.654010 (exact)
  • Status: Cancelled
  • Gross Capacity: 1,320 MW (Units 1 & 2: 660 MW)
  • Type:
  • Projected in service: Unit 1: 2025; Unit 2: 2026[19]
  • Coal Type: Subbituminous
  • Coal Source:
  • Source of financing:

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