Teplárna Trmice power station

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Teplárna Trmice power station is a 89-megawatt (MW) gas- and coal-fired power plant in Ústí nad Labemregion Region, Czech Republic.


The map below shows the location of the power station in Trmice, Ústí nad Labemregion Region, Czech Republic.

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In their 2012 annual report CEZ removed references to the gas turbine at the Trmice site, leaving just the coal boilers.[1] In their 2018 annual report CEZ announced plans to install a new gas unit at the location.[2]

The CEZ 2019 Sustainability Report lists the completion of a new gas-fired boiler.[3]

Their page for the plant in 2021 states there are 6 turbogenerators producing 89 MW of electricity, but without further details.[4]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: CEZ Group[4]
  • Parent company: CEZ AS
  • Location: Trmice, Ústí nad Labemregion Region, Czech Republic
  • Coordinates: 50.644868, 13.987522 (exact)[5]
  • Gross generating capacity (retired): 70 MW

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