Thoothukudi IBTPL power station

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Thoothukudi IBTPL power station is a 300-megawatt (MW) coal plant at Swarminathan and Ottapidaram villages in Tamil Nadu, India.


The photo shows the plant near Ottapidaram village in Tamil Nadu.

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The project is sponsored by Ind-Barath Power Gencom Limited (IBPGL), a subsidiary of Ind-Barath Power and is a replacement for the Hanakon Thermal Power Project, which was cancelled following local opposition.[1]

The first unit of 150 MW was completed in February 2013 and the second unit of 150 MW was completed in December 2013.[1]

A third 150 MW unit was listed as under construction in a 2013 investor presentation,[2] and planned for completion in July 2015.[3] It is included in a list of projects under implementation on the Ind-Barath website.[4] However, it was not listed in an April 2015 list of India plants under construction,[5] nor a March 2016 list.[6]

As of October 2016, the third unit continues to be mentioned by Ind-Barath as "under implementation," but there is no evidence that company has actually pursued permits. It appears to have been abandoned.[7]

Financing for Phase I (units 1 and 2)

Ind-Barath Power reported that phase I was financed through US$135,030,142 in term loans and US$39,297,627 in equity.[8]

Approvals received and applied for

The 2010 Red Herring provides the following information on the project.[1]

Approvals received

  • Approval dated January 29, 2010 from the Government of India, Ministry of Coal, for 30% of 300 MW i.e. 90 MW (capacity of units 2x150 MW each) in accordance with the New Coal Distribution Policy.
  • No-objection letter dated March 12, 2010 from the Samynattham Village Panchayat for the setting up of a 450 MW coal based power plant at Swaminathan and Ottapidaram Villages, Ottapidaram Taluk, Tuticorin District, Tamil Nadu.

Approvals applied for

  • Letter dated April 28, 2010 to the District Forest Officer, Thoothukkudi Division, seeking a no-objection certificate for the construction of 3x150 MW coal based power plant at Swaminathan and Ottapidaram Villages, Ottapidaram Taluk, Tuticorin District and stating that no forest land is involved at the proposed project site.
  • Letter dated April 29, 2010 to the Secretary, Revenue Department, requesting for necessary permission under the Tamil Nadu Land Reforms Act, 1961.
  • Application dated October 22, 2009 made to the State Environmental Impact Assessment Authority of Tamil Nadu for environmental clearance. The public hearing in this regard happened on April 09, 2010.
  • Letter dated May 06, 2010 to the Regional Executive Director, Airports Authority of India, Southern Region, seeking a no-objection certificate to establish a 3x150 MW coal based power plant at Swaminathan and Ottapidaram Villages, Ottapidaram Taluk, Tuticorin District.

Project Details

Sponsor: Ind-Barath Thermal Power
Parent: Ind-Barath Power Infra Group
Location: Swarminathan and Ottapidaram villages, Ottapidaram taluk, Tuticorin district, Tamil Nadu, India
Coordinates: 8.8827449, 78.0535832 (exact)

  • Unit 1: Operating
  • Unit 2: Operating (commissioned December 2013)[9]
  • Unit 3: Cancelled


  • Unit 1: 150 MW
  • Unit 2: 150 MW
  • Unit 3: 150 MW

Type:Circulating fluidized bed (CFB)
Projected in service:
Coal Source: Indonesia
Estimated annual CO2:
Source of financing: US$135,030,142 in term loans; US$39,297,627 in equity from Ind-Barath Power[8]

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