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Tisova Power Station is a 295.8-megawatt (MW) brown coal-fired power station located in Karlovarský, Czech Republic. The power station is owned and operated by the CEZ Group and co-fires using woody biomass.[1]


The undated satellite photo below shows the plant near Pocerady in Citice, Sokolov.

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The power station consists of two subcritical coal plants, Tisova I and II. Construction of Tisova I began in 1954, with four units of 50 MW to 57 MW each installed in 1958-59, followed by a 12.8 MW back-pressure turbine in 1959. Construction of Tisova II began in 1955, with three production units of 112 MW each put into operation between 1960 and 1961.[2]

During the first reduction wave of brown coal fired power stations in the early 1990's, two 112 MW units of Tisova II were put out of operation - the first unit in the end of 1990 and the second unit in the end of 1991. In 1998, one 50 MW turbine of Tisova I was cut off, and the installed capacity dropped to 295.8 MW.[2]

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