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The KWB Konin coal mine are surface operations,owned by ZE PAK Group, producing 6.8 million tonnes per annum, in Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poland.[1]

The mines operating under the KWB Konin branch include Jóźwin IIB, Drzewce, and Tomisławice.[2] They provide coal to the Patnow power station.


The satellite photo below shows the Konin mine site in Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poland.

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The mine is operated by PAK KWB Konin SA and owned by ZespoŁ Elektrowni Patnow-Adamow-Konin (Ze Pak SA). The annual coal production is around 2.6 million tonnes.

The European Parliament has been investigating the case of Tomisławice mine's infringement of Natura 2000 legislation since 2008 and was expected to issue a final report resolving the matter in the summer of 2016.[3]


According to many scientists, the Tomisławice coal mine is an extreme threat to the neighboring nature protection Natura 2000 areas, including the protected Gopło lake. Its opening in May 2010 has resulted in many protests by local governments, farmers and ecological organisations.[4]

There are escalating protests about the impact of lignite coal mining in the area due to concerns about impacts to water resources.[5]

The open pit mines, removal of overburden, and siphoning off of groundwater from surrounding land has come under severe criticism from local communities who blame the mining activities on falling water levels in the nearby lakes. Wilczyńskie lake, where water levels are 5m below their 2011 levels, and four other nearby lakes are part of the nature reserve Pojezierze Gnieźnieńskie, where numerous protected species of flora are found. [6]


In Spring 2017, the government demanded the full EIA report for the Tomisławice mine expansion. The expansion of the existing Tomisławice mine is being met with opposition and serious doubts from environment impact assessment authorities.[7] The company's proposed mine expansions face strong resistance both locally and from the Minister of Agriculture. The unfinalized EU Commission infringement procedure has found breaches of environmental law at the Tomislawice mine.[8]

In July 2019, activists from the Climate Camp protest group entered the premises of the planned open cast lignite mine in Tomisławice, protesting continued coal mine development in the era of climate change.[9]

Project Details

  • Operator: PAK KWB Konin SA [2]
  • Parent Company: ZespoŁ Elektrowni Patnow-Adamow-Konin (Ze Pak SA)[2]
  • Location: Greater Poland Voivodeship, Poland[2]
  • GPS coordinates: 52.416547, 18.162768 (exact)[2]
  • Mine status: Operating[2]
  • Start year:
  • Mineable reserves: 134 million tonnes[2] Jóźwin II: 65 million tonnes (Reserves, 2007) [10]
  • Coal type:
  • Mine size: 14 km2
  • Mine type: Surface
  • Mine depth: 50 m
  • Production: 6.8 million tonnes per year[2]
  • Equipment: Open cast mining
  • Number of employees:

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