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Tusimice Power Station is an 800-megawatt (MW) brown coal-fired power station in Ústecký, Czech Republic. The power station is owned and operated by the CEZ Group.


The plant is located near the town of Kadan in Tušimice, Chomutov.

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Tusimice made up two plants. The first plant dates back to 1963-1964 when Tušimice Power Plant I started its operation with six 110 MW units. It was operated at the fully installed output until the early 1990’s, when all six units were shut down under the attenuation program. It was dismantled in 2005.[1]

Tušimice Power Plant II with four 200 MW subcritical units started operation in 1974. In the period from 2007 to 2012, Tušimice Power Plant II underwent restoration to meet current European pollution standards until roughly 2035, when the adjacent Libouš mine that fuels the plant is expected to be exhausted.[1]

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