Tuticorin Thermal Power Station

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Tuticorin Thermal Power Station is a 1,050-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power station in Tamil Nadu, India.


The photo shows the existing plant, which is located adjacent to the Tuticorin NTPL power station and the Tuticorin Port.

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Background on existing power station

The power station is owned and operated by the Tamilnadu Generation and Distribution Corporation. It is located near the new Tuticorin Port (also known as Thoothukudi). The original power station comprises five 210 MW generating units commissioned between 1979 and 1992. Coal for the power station, which is located in the Tuticorin Port, is transported by sea through ships from Haldia Port, Paradeep and Visakhapatnam Port (Vizag) ports.[1]

Contact details

Tuticorin T.P.S,
Tuticorin (District)
Phone No. 0461-2352521
Fax No. 0461-2352457
e mail : cettps AT tnebnet.org

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