Tuticorin power station (Ind-Barath)

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Tuticorin power station (Ind-Barath), also known as the Thoothukuddi power station, is a proposed 1320-megawatt (MW) coal plant in Tamil Nadu, India.


The photo below shows the project site near Pallakurichi village.

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The project is being developed by Ind-Bararth (Madras) Limited, a subsidiary of Ind-Barath Power. It is being developed in two stages, each 660 MW.[1]

As of April 2010, Coal India issued a letter requiring the company to provide commitment guarantees in order to receive a letter of assurance of coal for the project.[2] The company reported in its Red Herring that it had also entered into a long term coal supply agreement with its subsidiary PTIB for 750,000 metric tonnes for a period of five years.[2]

Environmental clearance was granted for one 660 MW unit in 2010.[3] On its website (2015), Ind-Barath Power states the power station is expected to be commissioned by June 2016,[4] although the Indian government estimates late 2018.[5]

According to the Ministry of Power's Broad Status Report, construction has been underway on the project since 2010. However, as shown by archival photography on Google Earth and by records of expenditures reported by the Ministry of Energy in March 2017, progress has been slow, and it appears that work has not progressed beyond foundation works. Of an estimated project cost of 359,500 Lakh, 150,00 were spent through the end of FY 2014/15, followed by the expenditure of only 500 Lakh in FY 2015/2016. Based on the low pace of recent expenditures, the project appears to be on hold.[6]

Approvals received

As of 2010, the company reported the following approvals received:[2]

  • Letter (Letter No. 7617/S1/2008) dated June 08, 2009 issued by State Port Officer, Tamil Nadu Maritime Board, Government of Tamil Nadu permitting IBPML to use the sea water and the port facility at Manappad.
  • Application (Number CEA/Format/2009-10/12.01) dated December 12, 2009 has been made to the Central Electricity Authority for pre-qualification and for fixing inter-se priority of the proposed 2 x 660 MW thermal power project.
  • Letter dated November 29, 2009 issued by the Tahsildar, Sattankulam certifying the 600 acres (approximately) land purchased by IBPML in and around Pallakurichi Village, Sattankulam Taluk,Thoothkudi District for the proposed thermal power project.
  • Letter (Number J-13012/14/2008-IA.II (T)) dated April 23, 2008 issued by the Government of India, Ministry of Environment and Forests setting out the terms of reference for preparing the draft EIA report for the thermal power project. The environmental public hearing in this regard has taken place on April 06, 2010. The written approval of the MoEF is awaited.
  • Approval dated January 29, 2010 from the Government of India, Ministry of Coal, for 70% of one unit of 1 x 660 MW i.e. 462 MW in accordance with the New Coal Distribution Policy, subject to special milestones and conditions.

Project Details

Sponsor: Ind-Bararth (Madras) Limited, a subsidiary of Ind-Barath Power
Location: Sasthavinallur, Pallakkurichi and Adiyakurichi villages, Sattankulam taluk, Thoothukudi district, Tamil Nadu
Coordinates: 8.3959535, 77.950861 (exact)

  • Phase I: Construction on hold
  • Phase II: Cancelled[3]


  • Phase I: 660 MW
  • Phase II: 660 MW

Type: Supercritical
Projected in service: 2018
Coal Source: 70% domestic, 30% imported
Estimated annual CO2:
Source of financing:
Permits and applications: Unit 1: Environmental clearance, India MoEF, July 12, 2010

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