Ukni Deep OC Mine

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The Ukni Coal Mine is operated by Western Coalfields Limited, a subsidiary of Coal India, in the Wani North area, Yavatmal district, Maharashtra, India.


The satellite image below shows the area of the mine in Wani North Area, Yavatmal District, Maharashtra.

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Background on Mine

The plan for the Ukni Deep Opencast mine was prepared in March, 1988 keeping an annual mine target of 1.10 MTPA for a mine life of 25 years and a maximum depth of 114 m. Existing Ukni OC mine has been sanctioned and started in January, 1992 after obtaining the environmental clearance vide MOEF letter dated 10.08.1990. Subsequently, another Environmental Clearance for the same mine was obtained for enhanced production capacity up to 2.20 MTPA vide MOEF letter dated 20 May 2005. As per the existing production rate, the sanctioned mine will be exhausted within 2-3 years. For continuous production from this block, it is essential to deepen the existing Ukni OC Mine beyond the PR limits. Hence, this PR of Ukni Deep OC mine proposes to mine coal beyond the PR limit of existing Ukni OC mine of maximum depth of 114 m to 206 m depth. The normative target of the proposed mine is kept 2.00 MTPA and a peak capacity 0f 3.50 MTPA, for a mine life of 16 years (including 3 years of land acquisition). Out of the total Geological Reserves of 33.32 Mt, the mineable reserve is 24.37 Mt. The Percent Extraction would be 73%. The Environment Clearance for expansion from 2.00 MTPA to 3.5 MTPA and expansion from Mine Lease area from 940 ha to 1285.12 ha was granted vide EC dated 15th January 2014 [1].

The land to be acquired for Ukni deep belongs to villages - Ukni, Pipalgaon, and Wardha. Land of these villages is used mainly for cultivation. The main crops are cotton, soya beans, and Jawar. Ukni block falls in the Yavatmal District of Maharashtra State. The block is located on the West Bank of the Wardha river like Niljai & Bellora. Ghugus and Nakoda are on the East bank of Wardha. Ukni block occupies the central part of the western limb of Wardha Valley Coalfield. [2].

Mine Details

  • Sponsor: Western Coalfields Limited
  • Parent company: Coal India Limited
  • Location: Wani (North), Yavatmal District, Maharashtra, India
  • GPS coordinates: Latitude 20°01'14.4"N , Longitude 79°04'12.1"E
  • Status: Operating
  • Capacity: 3.5 million tonnes per year (MTPA)
  • Production: 1.38 million tonnes (2020)
  • Total Resource: 64.38 million tonnes [3]
  • Mineable Reserves: 24.37 million tonnes (Proven and Probable, 2011) [3]
  • Coal Type: Non-coking coal, Grade E (3360-4200 GCV cal/kg)
  • Mine Size: 1285.12 ha.
  • Mine Type: Opencast with shovel-dumper combination
  • Start Year: January 1992
  • Coal Linkage: Thermal Power Station of MAHAGENCO
  • Source of Financing:
  • Permits and Applications:

Expansion Details

Articles and Resources


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