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MU Power Plant is a coal-fired power station owned and operated by the University of Missouri near MU campus in Columbia, Missouri. The University has five boilers permitted to burn a combination of bituminous coal, tire derived fuel, biomass, and natural gas. The school used more than 48,900 tons of coal for electricity generation in 2007.[1]

The University is a member of the American College and University Presidents Climate Commitment and is in a partnership with the Rocky Mountain Institute to fight climate change.[1]

Proposed expansion

According to the Sierra Club, officials at the MU Columbia proposed adding a new CFB 40-MW coal fired unit to its existing plant. In March 2008, a consultant to the Board of Curators was expected to present a proposal on the new plant to the Board. However, as of August 2008 no permit application had been received by the Department of Natural Resources, and none was expected.[2]

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Plant Data

  • Owner: University of Missouri
  • Parent Company: State of Missouri
  • Plant Nameplate Capacity: 53.0 MW (Megawatts)
  • Units and In-Service Dates: 6.2 MW (1961), 12.5 MW (1974), 19.8 MW (1986), 14.5 MW (1988)
  • Location: 417 South Fifth St., Columbia, MO 65201
  • GPS Coordinates: 38.94664, -92.33285
  • Electricity Production: 138,063 MWh (2005)
  • Coal Consumption:
  • Coal Source:
  • Number of Employees:

Emissions Data

  • CO2 Emissions: 353,166 tons (2006)
  • SO2 Emissions: 9,729 tons (2002)
  • SO2 Emissions per MWh:
  • NOx Emissions: 743 tons (2002)
  • Mercury Emissions:

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