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{"type":"FeatureCollection","features":[{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.15351422696591, 40.0642869592902]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 1, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Tu 2-6", "NAME": "West Oak Lane", "DISTRIBUTE": "Yes", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "The Food Trust", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "72nd Ave and Ogontz Ave, 19138", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19138"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.16557534962762, 39.94366578936093]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 2, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "W 2-7", "NAME": "Broad and South", "DISTRIBUTE": "Yes", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "The Food Trust", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "Broad and South, 19147", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19147"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.17580569966763, 40.05224273651458]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 3, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "W 2-6", "NAME": "Cliveden Park", "DISTRIBUTE": "Yes", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "The Food Trust", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "Chew Ave. and Johnson St., 19119", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19119"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.22459124657384, 39.96489703705053]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 4, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "W, F 1-5", "NAME": "Haddington- both days", "DISTRIBUTE": "Yes", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "The Food Trust", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "52nd St and Haverford Ave., 19139", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19139"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.18113409189326, 39.94900956279253]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 5, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "W 3-7", "NAME": "Schuylkill River Park", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "No", "OPERATOR": "The Food Trust", "ONLY_REDEE": "Yes", "ADDRESS": "25th St. and Spruce Sts, 19103", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "No", "ZIP_CODE": "19103"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.20926016382735, 39.9495427533085]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 6, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Th 2-6; Sat 10-2", "NAME": "Clark Park (both days)", "DISTRIBUTE": "Yes", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "The Food Trust", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "43rd St. and Baltimore Ave., 19104", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19104"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.17398419917924, 39.96731515723125]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 7, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Th 3-7", "NAME": "Fairmount", "DISTRIBUTE": "Yes", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "The Food Trust", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "22nd St. and Fairmount Ave., 19130", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19130"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.09103696434086, 40.038219429647064]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 8, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Th 2-6", "NAME": "Oxford Circle", "DISTRIBUTE": "Yes", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "The Food Trust", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "900 East Howell St, 19149", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19149"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.13135626822707, 39.9776010949741]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 9, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Th 2-6", "NAME": "Frankford & Berks", "DISTRIBUTE": "Yes", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "The Food Trust", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "Frankford Ave. and E. Berks St., 19125", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19125"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.157915628206, 39.97870886282806]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 10, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Th 2-6", "NAME": "Cecil B. Moore", "DISTRIBUTE": "Yes", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "The Food Trust", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "Cecil B. Moore Ave, btw Broad & 13th Sts, 19122", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19122"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.17800233087696, 40.03969624184227]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 11, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "F 2-6", "NAME": "Germantown", "DISTRIBUTE": "Yes", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "The Food Trust", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "6026 Germantown Ave & Walnut Lane, in front of historic", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19144"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.1793224640284, 39.94733248892104]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 12, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Sat 9-2", "NAME": "Fitler Square", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "No", "OPERATOR": "The Food Trust", "ONLY_REDEE": "Yes", "ADDRESS": "23rd St and Pine St, 19103", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "No", "ZIP_CODE": "19103"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.14545021755336, 39.94216132153635]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 13, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Sun 10-2", "NAME": "Headhouse", "DISTRIBUTE": "Yes", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "The Food Trust", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "2nd and Lombard Streets, 19147", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19147"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.25400064045388, 39.988305892664954]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 14, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Sat 9-1", "NAME": "Overbrook", "DISTRIBUTE": "Yes", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "The Food Trust", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "Lancaster Ave & City Ave, at the Overbrook Presbyterian", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19151"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.13578148314542, 39.98201048201309]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 15, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Sat 10-2", "NAME": "Norris Square Park", "DISTRIBUTE": "Yes", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "The Food Trust", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "Diamond & Hancock Sts, 19122", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19122"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.16974563149225, 39.92441044323712]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 16, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Tu 2-7", "NAME": "Broad and Snyder", "DISTRIBUTE": "Yes", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "The Food Trust", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "Broad & Snyder Sts, 19148", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19148"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.19203532570627, 39.937280957122006]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 17, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Tu 2-6", "NAME": "29th & Wharton (Grays Ferry)", "DISTRIBUTE": "Yes", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "The Food Trust", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "29th and Wharton, 19146", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19146"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.18142029896461, 39.93216287811089]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 18, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Tu 2-6", "NAME": "22nd & Tasker (Point Breeze)", "DISTRIBUTE": "Yes", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "The Food Trust", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "22nd St, btwn Tasker and Point Breeze, 19146", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19146"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.14718399147704, 40.01661061382275]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 19, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Sat 10-2", "NAME": "Hunting Park", "DISTRIBUTE": "Yes", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "The Food Trust", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "W. Hunting Park Ave & Old York Rd, 19140", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19140"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.14475014085997, 40.03907393904521]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 20, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "T 2-6", "NAME": "Olney Transportation Center", "DISTRIBUTE": "Yes", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "The Food Trust", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "NW corner Broad St & Olney Ave,19141", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19141"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.13835217629625, 39.99185285819168]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 21, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "W 1-5", "NAME": "Fairhill Square", "DISTRIBUTE": "Yes", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "The Food Trust", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "4th & Lehigh Ave, 19133", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19133"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.07684195299659, 40.023258983124464]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 22, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "T 2-6", "NAME": "Frankford Transportation Center", "DISTRIBUTE": "Yes", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "The Food Trust", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "Bridge St and Frankford Ave, 19124", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19124"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.18706037715283, 39.988666433916535]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 23, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "T 2-6", "NAME": "33rd & Diamond (Strawberry Mansio", "DISTRIBUTE": "Yes", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "The Food Trust", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "33rd & Diamond Sts, in front of Mander Playground, 19121", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19121"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.22853427392626, 39.9357337581417]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 24, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "W 2-6", "NAME": "58th & Chester (Kingsessing)", "DISTRIBUTE": "Yes", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "The Food Trust", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "58th St & Chester Ave, 19143", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19143"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.15943563194325, 39.9539547192862]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 25, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Mon-Sat 8-6; Sun 9-", "NAME": "Reading Terminal Market", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes*", "OPERATOR": "Farm to City", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "12th St and Arch St, 19107", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "No", "ZIP_CODE": "19107"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.17066850897568, 39.95013286702005]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 26, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Tu 10-1; Sat- 9-3", "NAME": "Rittenhouse", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes*", "OPERATOR": "Farm to City", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "18th St and Walnut St, 19103", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19103"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.15040769970526, 39.941775749879035]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 27, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Tu 2:30-7", "NAME": "South and Passyunk", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes*", "OPERATOR": "Farm to City", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "South St and Passyunk Ave, 19147", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19147"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.19226244667195, 40.06179169679199]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 28, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Tu 3-7", "NAME": "Mt. Airy", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes*", "OPERATOR": "Farm to City", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "7301 Germantown Ave, 19119", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19119"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.19478732658696, 39.95314325902351]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 29, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "W 10-3", "NAME": "University Square", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes*", "OPERATOR": "Farm to City", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "36th St and Walnut St, 19104", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19104"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.16309117241214, 39.929793806886444]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 30, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "W 3-7", "NAME": "Fountain", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes*", "OPERATOR": "Farm to City", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "11th St and Tasker St, 19147", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19147"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.1804358665494, 39.97417032433303]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 31, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Sat 10-1", "NAME": "Girard and 27th", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "No", "OPERATOR": "Farm to City", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "27th St and Girard Ave, 19130", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "No", "ZIP_CODE": "19130"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.16467033477929, 39.96285232037299]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 32, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Th 12-6:30", "NAME": "Suburban Station", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes*", "OPERATOR": "Farm to City", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "16th St and JFK, 19103", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19103"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.1411437791317, 40.018897970159394]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 33, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Th 11-3:30", "NAME": "Jefferson", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes*", "OPERATOR": "Farm to City", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "10th St and Chestnut, 19107", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19107"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.20651346016339, 40.014846781702666]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 34, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Fri 10-2", "NAME": "East Falls", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "Farm to City", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "Under Rt 1 overpass, between Kelly Dr & Ridge Ave, 19129", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19129"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.19733737719221, 40.067707880357794]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 35, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Sat 9:30-1:30", "NAME": "Chestnut Hill Growers' Market", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes*", "OPERATOR": "Farm to City", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "Winston Rd btw Germantown Ave & Mermaid Lane, 19118", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19118"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.22129409834346, 40.0375200654432]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 36, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Fri 2-6", "NAME": "Gorgas Park", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "Farm to City", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "Ridge Ave at Acorn St,", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.15116060425166, 39.92696324904875]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 37, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Sun 10-2", "NAME": "Dickinson", "DISTRIBUTE": "Yes", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes*", "OPERATOR": "Farm to City", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "E. Moyamensing St and Morris St, 19148", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19148"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.17164195810733, 39.95337531313469]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 38, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Th 11-2", "NAME": "IBC Market", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "No", "OPERATOR": "Farm to City", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "Courtyard at 1901 Market St, 19103", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "No", "ZIP_CODE": "19103"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.18333505421568, 39.95482001353147]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 39, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "W 11-2", "NAME": "The Porch at 30th St Station", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "Farm to City", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "Between south side of 30th St Station & Market St, 19104", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19104"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.14145329205503, 39.96063172477239]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 40, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Sat 10-2", "NAME": "Piazza", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "No", "OPERATOR": "Independent- Piazza", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "2nd St and Germantown, 19123", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "No", "ZIP_CODE": "19123"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.15943563194325, 39.9539547192862]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 41, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Tue-Sat 8-6; Sun 9-", "NAME": "Fair Food Farmstand @ RTM", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "Fair Food", "ONLY_REDEE": "Yes", "ADDRESS": "12th St and Arch St, 19107", "ACCEPT_FMN": "No", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19107"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.21850058557811, 39.96612203633589]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 42, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Sat 11-2", "NAME": "Mill Creek Farm", "DISTRIBUTE": "Yes", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "Mill Creek Farm", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "Brown St & N 49th St, Philadelphia, PA 19139", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19139"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.12157142555792, 39.978415086128884]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 43, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Th 2-7;Sat 10-3", "NAME": "Greensgrow Farm", "DISTRIBUTE": "Yes", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "Greensgrow Farm & Nursery", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "2501 E. Cumberland Ave, 19125", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19125"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.17311218409415, 40.07996340687988]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 44, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "F 10-2", "NAME": "Wadsworth", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes*", "OPERATOR": "John King", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "E. Wadsworth Ave & Bayard St, 19150", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19150"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.17668185215118, 40.006055443723795]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 45, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Mon-Sat 9-3", "NAME": "SHARE Food Program", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "No", "OPERATOR": "SHARE", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "2901 W. Hunting Park Avenue, Philadelphia, PA", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "No", "ZIP_CODE": "19129"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.18948954215386, 39.95559420676949]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 46, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Tu 11-3", "NAME": "Drexel University", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "John King", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "33rd and Market St, 19104", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19104"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.19704010163942, 39.95956598551194]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 47, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Sat 10-2", "NAME": "Lancaster Ave", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "John King", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "38th and Powelton Sts, 19104", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19104"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.20529680754498, 40.07535485198577]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 48, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Tu 3-6", "NAME": "Weaver's Way Community Programs F", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "No", "OPERATOR": "Weaver's Way", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "8424 Germantown Ave, 19118", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "No", "ZIP_CODE": "19118"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.19591356739846, 40.046378534551636]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 49, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Th 3-7", "NAME": "Weaver's Way Farmstand- Mt. Airy", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "Weaver's Way/FTC", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "Carpenter Lane and Greene St, 19119 (in front of High Po", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "No", "ZIP_CODE": "19119"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.21977054047713, 40.04909965857696]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 50, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "W 2-5", "NAME": "Henry Got Crops!", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "No", "OPERATOR": "Weaver's Way", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "Henry Ave & Cinnaminson St, 19129", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "No", "ZIP_CODE": "19129"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.2131441248105, 39.958535153528146]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 51, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Tu & Fri 3:30-6:30", "NAME": "Walnut Hill Farmstand", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "Enterprise Center/FTC", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "4610 Market St, 19139", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19139"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.15988541101908, 39.951914338953856]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 52, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Wed 11-2 (every oth", "NAME": "SEPTA farmstand", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "Enterprise Center/FTC", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "12th & Market Sts,19102, concourse level", "ACCEPT_FMN": "No", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19102"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.16854548018748, 40.03195776952754]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 53, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Sat 10-2", "NAME": "Farmstand at Grumblethorpe House", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "Grumblethorpe House", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "5267 Germantown Ave (at Queen Lane), 19144", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19144"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.22705494951187, 39.97031939021523]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 54, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Sat 10-2", "NAME": "Urban Tree Harvest Farmstand", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "Urban Tree Connection/Neigh", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "53rd, between Wyalusing & Poplar Sts, 19131", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19131"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.21903737844848, 39.94240725823136]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 55, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Th 4:30-7", "NAME": "Farm 51", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "Farm 51", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "51st & Chester, 19143", "ACCEPT_FMN": "No", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19143"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.16763362487211, 39.98775312585925]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 56, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Th,Fri 10-5; Sat 9-", "NAME": "Shar-Nels Farmstand", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "Nelson Jones", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "21st & West Susquehanna Ave, 19132", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19132"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.21645614986149, 39.9980405781093]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 57, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "F 3-6", "NAME": "MFSP Heritage Farm", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "Methodist Family Services", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "4300 Monument Rd, 19131", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19131"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.17977946422124, 39.97718982465539]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 58, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Sat 9:30-2:30", "NAME": "New Growth Project", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "New Growth Project/ Maratho", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "27th & Master Sts, 19121", "ACCEPT_FMN": "No", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19121"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.160495734099, 39.966684833189085]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 59, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "Sat 10-2", "NAME": "Francisville", "DISTRIBUTE": "Yes", "EBT_MACHIN": "Yes", "OPERATOR": "Francisville Neighborhood D", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "1400 Ridge Ave, 19130", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "Yes", "ZIP_CODE": "19130"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.16678176437374, 40.03469132263272]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 60, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "W 3-6:30", "NAME": "Germantown Kitchen Garden", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "No", "OPERATOR": "Germantown Kitchen Garden", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "215 E. Penn St,19144", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "No", "ZIP_CODE": "19144"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.17304129607226, 40.080033507225664]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 61, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "W 11-3", "NAME": "Growing for Good", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "No", "OPERATOR": "Green Sanctuary Earth Insti", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "1552 Wadsworth Ave, 19150", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "No", "ZIP_CODE": "19150"}},{"geometry": {"type": "Point", "coordinates": [-75.2381825787722, 40.05977234479627]}, "type": "Feature", "id": 62, "properties": {"DAY_TIME": "T 2-6", "NAME": "The Schuylkill Center Farmers Mar", "DISTRIBUTE": "No", "EBT_MACHIN": "No", "OPERATOR": "Urban Girls Produce, Schuyl", "ONLY_REDEE": "No", "ADDRESS": "Ridge Ave & Port Royal Rd, at the U-haul parking lot, 19", "ACCEPT_FMN": "Yes", "ACCEPT_SNA": "No", "ZIP_CODE": "19128"}}]}