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Usha Martin is an Indian headquartered wire rope manufacturing company.[1]

Proposed coal-fired power stations

Usha Martin has been reported as proposing the 1200 megawatt (MW) coal-fired Meherpur power station at Meherpur in Pirpainti Block, Bhagalpur, Bihar. The company received approval for the project from the State Investment Promotion Board in August 2009. The Bihar State Electricity Board reported that the company stated it would require 6.5 million tonnes a year of coal for the project which was the equivalent of a "captive coal block with reserves of 350-400 MT." BSEB also noted that the company had been granted the right to obtain 5300 cubic metres of water an hour from the Ganga River. However, BSEB also noted that also noted that progress on the project "has not been reported by the firm".[2]

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