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Ussuriysk power station is a partially constructed 226-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power plant in Primorsky territory, Russia.


The map below shows the partially constructed plant, near Ussuriysk city, Primorsky territory.

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Background on plant

Initial proposal: 2011

In April 2011, Far Eastern Generating Company (a subsidiary of RAO Energy Systems of East, which is in turn a subsidiary of RusHydro) announced that it was planning to build a $800 million, 370-MW coal-fired combined heat & power plant in the city of Ussuriysk, in the far eastern territory of Primorsky.[1] In September 2011, Far Eastern reported that it was developing a plan with Investor Energy LLC, a subsidiary of the Summa Group, for the plant's construction, which was scheduled to begin in 2012.[2][3]

In April 2012, Far Eastern switched to a planned partnership with the Chinese company Heilongjiang Amur Sirius for the plant's construction (Heilongjiang is the neighboring province in China).[4] While construction did not begin in 2012, in April 2013 the engineering company COTES Group conducted an investment feasibility study for the project, presenting four options for the plant's construction.[5] As of November 2013 the project was moving ahead, with RAO Energy System of East Deputy CEO Alexei Kaplun telling the press that investors the project should be lined up by the end of the year.[6]

2015/2018 rebirth

In September 2015, after years of no apparent movement, the project was rejuvenated with Chinese support: the city government of Mudanjiang, about 200 km away from Ussuriysk, across the border in the Chinese province of Heilongjiang, announced the "Amur Energo-Stroy Alliance" with RAO Energy Systems of East, in an agreement also signed by the Russian government. News reports noted that the previous Ussuriysk project had faced financial and regulatory difficulties, but experts believed that now that a "political solution" had been reached, the plant will be built. The project has apparently been scaled back to 226 MW, and the power would be exported to Mudanjiang. The plant would be located on the northwest outskirts of Ussuriysk, and would burn coal from the Rakovski and Pavlovsk coalfields, 30 km from Ussuriysk. The project was scheduled to be completed in 2019.[7][8]

In late 2017, the company OJSC Daltechenergo, which at that point was the owner of the half-built project, went bankrupt. In December 2017, the plant site was sold at bankruptcy auction to ComYurConsulting LLC (likely a shell company) for 8.5 million rubles, or US$130,000. Given the low price, it would appear likely that the buyer planned to scrap the half-built plant.[9] Construction as of December 2017 was reportedly 53% complete.[10]

However, in June 2018, in a meeting with the provincial governor, a vice-president of Chinese firm China National Electric Engineering Corporation (CNEEC) expressed interest in completing construction of the plant. Plans also include prospects for joint coal mining. It was reported that banks in China would fund the project.[11][12]

As of December 2019 construction does not appear to have resumed and the plant appears to be shelved.

Project details

  • Sponsor: ComYurConsulting LLC
  • Parent company: China National Electric Engineering Corporation
  • Location: Ussuriysk city, Ussuriysk district, Primorsky territory, Russia
  • Coordinates: 43.782908, 132.036858 (approximate)
  • Status: Shelved
  • Gross Capacity: 226 MW
  • Type: Subcritical
  • Projected in service:
  • Coal Type:
  • Coal Source: Rakovski and Pavlovsk coalfields, 30 km from Ussuriysk
  • Source of financing:

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