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Vale Azul power station (Usina Termelétrica de Vale Azul) is a proposed 1240-megawatt (MW) gas-fired power station in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.[1]


The map below shows the approximate location of the power station in Macaé, the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

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Project Details

  • Sponsor: Vale Azul Energia Ltda.[2]
  • Parent company: Grupo Vale Azul[2]
  • Location: Macaé, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Coordinates: -22.3669, -41.8744 (approximate)[3]
  • Gross generating capacity (pre-construction): 1240 MW[1]
    • Unit II: Gas-fired[1][2][3] combined cycle[4], 620 MW[2][5] (start-up year not available)
    • Unit III: Gas-fired[1][2][3] combined cycle[4], 620 MW[2][5] (start-up year not available)


Encompassing two separate power plants of 620 MW each, the Vale Azul project had received an installation license from Brazil's environmental authority, IBAMA[1][2], along with approval from Macaé's municipal government as of early 2021.[6] Estimated cost for developing the project is R$ 3 billion (three billion Brazilian reais).[6] Macaé's mayor, Welberth Rezende, stated that licenses were expedited because the project has "an economic and social commitment to the city".[6] Construction of both power plants was expected to begin in late fall 2021 following the ANEEL energy auction in September 2021.[6]

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