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Wayne Berman, the founder of an earlier lobbying firm, Berman Associates, is a lobbyist and currently Chairman of Ogilvy Government Relations, following the acquisition of the Berman Associates in January 2004.[1] He was appointed Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Policy in January 1989 by President George Bush.

His wife is Lea Berman, who worked for Lynne Cheney in 2003 as her chief-of-staff, and then from 2004 as social secretary for George W. Bush, and from 2005 on as Special Assistant to the President.[2]

The major U.S. power utility, Ameren spent $160,000 on Ogilvy Government Relations in 2008 and 40,000 so far in 2009.[3] The registered lobbyists were Chris Giblin, Drew Maloney, Julie Dammann and John Green.

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