West-East Gas Pipeline 3 Fujian–Guangdong Branch

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West-East Gas Pipeline 3 Fujian-Guangdong Branch 西气东输三线闽粤支干线(广州-漳州)is a natural gas pipeline partly operating in China.


The pipeline runs from Zengcheng, Guangzhou, Guangdong to Zhangzhou, Fujian province.

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Project Details

  • Parent Company: CNPC
  • Proposed Capacity: 5.8 billion cubic meters per year
  • Length: 595 kilometers / 369.7 miles
  • Status: Operating (Zengcheng-Chaozhou); Proposed (Chaozhou-Zhangzhou)
  • Start Year: 2020


The first phase of the pipeline (Guangzhou-Chaozhou) was commissioned in 2020, and included 388 kilometers of pipeline.[1] The pipeline is a branch of West-East Gas Pipeline 3.[2]

Articles and resources


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