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Wobei LHV power station (涡北低热值煤电厂) is a proposed 1,320-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power plant in Anhui Province, China.


The map below shows the proposed location for the power station near the Wobei Coal Preparation Plant.

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Background on Project

Wobei LHV power station is a proposed 2 x 350 MW coal plant by Huaibei Mining Group. It is planned for Guoyang (Woyang) County, and would be fueled by waste coal. The project was proposed in 2014.[1]

The 13th Five-Year Energy Plan of Anhui Province listed the proposed power station as a back-up project. The plan was released in May 2017.[2]

There were no further developments on the plan until March 2020, when the project was listed as a priority project for Anhui province, as part of a UHV power hub in the Yangtze River Delta.[3]

In June 2020, the project was changed to 2 x 660 MW.[4]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: Huaibei Mining Group
  • Parent company: Huaibei Mining Group
  • Location: Guoyang (Woyang) County, Bozhou Prefecture, Anhui Province, China
  • Coordinates: 33.548323, 116.20545(approximate)
  • Status: Announced
  • Gross capacity: 1,320 MW (Units 1 & 2: 660 MW)
  • Type: ultra-supercritical
  • Start year:
  • Coal type:
  • Coal source: Waste coal
  • Source of financing:

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