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Zunyi power station (华电遵义发电厂) was a 250-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power plant in Guizhou Province, China. The plant was retired in 2010. [1]


The undated satellite photo below shows the exact location of the now retired plant, at 15 Taoxi Road, Honghuagang District, Zunyi Prefecture.

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Background on Plant

Zunyi power station was founded in 1958. After 4 phases of development, the maximum capacity reached 500MW. [2]The latest two units was completed between 1991 and 1992, and retired in 2009. They were owned by China Huadian.[3][4]

Its retirement, plus the retirement of 3 other power plants, Shuicheng power station, Qingzhen power station and Toubu power station, made available capacity for Tangzhai power station, a 2*600MW power plant, under the policy of "shutting down small units to build big ones". [5]

Details of Expansion Project

Since the location of Zunyi power station, which once was in suburb of Zunyi, and was gradually surrounded by residential buildings along with the expansion of the city, the city government decided to move the power plant out of the city. [2]The relocated and expanded project was permitted by NDRC in 2010. It was called Tongzi power station. It was a 2*600MW power plant, located in Loushanguan Town, Tongzi County. The commissioned date was in 2013. [6]

Plant Details

  • Sponsor: Huadian Yunnan Power Generation Corp
  • Parent company: Huadian
  • Location: 15 Taoxi Road, Honghuagang District, Zunyi Prefecture, Guizhou Province, China
  • Coordinates: 27.671036, 106.908658 (exact)
  • Status: Retired (2010)
  • Gross capacity: 250 MW (Units 1 & 2: 125 MW)
  • Type: Subcritical
  • In service: 1991-92
  • Coal type:
  • Coal source:
  • Source of financing:

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