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Abakansky Coal Mine (Абаканский разрез) is a surface mine near Solnechnoye, in Ust-Abakanskiy District, Khakassia Republic, Russia.


The map below shows the location of the mine, near Solnechnoye, in Ust-Abakanskiy District, Khakassia Republic, Russia.[1]

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The mine is owned and operated by SUEK-Khakassiya JSC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK).[2] It is a sub-section of the larger Chernogorsky coal mine.[3]

Domestic consumers include power plants and coal distribution companies supplying households. As of 2022, coal from the mine was supplied to the Novosibirsk-4 power station, along with the coal from the Chernogorsky coal mine; as well as to the Novosibirsk-2 power station, along with the coal from the Chernogorsky coal mine and Zarechny coal mine.[4]

No information on the mine's production is available. It is possible that production is reported jointly with Chernogorsky coal mine.

In 2018, there was a plan to increase the mine's capacity to 1 million tonnes per annum.[5] As of mid-2022 and mid-2023 that appears not to have been realized as it was still mentioned as a development project on SUEK's website.[2]

In June 2023 it was reported that the State Expertise Agency (Glavkospekspertiza) approved the project of a new coal pit at Chernogorsky, which is located in the southern part of the Abakansky pit, near the left bank of the Yenisei river. It is possible that this is the same expansion project being referred to on SUEK's website. Please refer to Chernogorsky coal mine for more information. [6][7]

Mine Details

  • Owner: SUEK-Khakassiya JSC
  • Parent: Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK)
  • Location: Solnechnoye, Ust-Abakanskiy District, Khakassia Republic, Russia
  • Coordinates: 53.687355, 91.146698 (exact)
  • Status: Operating
  • Capacity: : 0.65 mtpa (estimated)
  • Mineable Reserves: 37 million tonnes (end of 2021)[8]
  • Coal Type: Subbituminous (Thermal)
  • Mine Type: Surface
  • Start Year:
  • Source of Financing:

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