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The Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit self-styled environmental organization dedicated to the opposition of the Cape Wind project and to the "long-term preservation of Nantucket Sound" in Massachusetts. The Alliance was formed in 2001 to oppose a proposal to build a 130 turbine renewable energy wind farm in Nantucket Sound called Cape Wind. It suffered a setback in 2003 when its spokesperson, retired news anchor Walter Cronkite in a change of heart, requested that all of his ads in support of The Alliance be pulled, and said he would withhold further judgement until an environmental impact statement was complete.[1]


Alliance membership and allies include wealthy residents of Cape Cod, executives in fossil fuel industries, some local towns, Chambers of Commerce, several environmental groups, many fishing and recreation groups, and public figures including billionaire oil heir William I. Koch, former mining executive Doug Yearley, current candidate for U.S. President and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney, U.S. Senator Ted Kennedy, Attorney General Tom Reilly, and Congressman Bill Delahunt.[2]

Mother Jones and Greenpeace have reported that William I. Koch, the younger brother of Charles Koch and David Koch, is the principal funder of opposition to Cape Wind, and a major funder of the Alliance, as well as co-chair.[3][4]



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