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William I. Koch is the younger brother of Charles Koch and David Koch, but was bought out of the family business Koch Industries after two decades of litigation.[1]

He is the founder and owner of Oxbow Corporation, a privately-owned resources company. On its website the company states that "the Oxbow Group is made up of more than two dozen companies with yearly aggregate sales of over $3.7 billion, combined assets of over $1.7 billion and over 1200 employees worldwide. Oxbow’s primary businesses are the mining and marketing of energy and commodities such as coal, natural gas, petroleum, metallurgical and calcined coke."[2]

After being bought out of Koch Industries he founded his own energy company, Oxbow, and turned to yachting; he spent an estimated sixty-five million dollars to win the America’s Cup, in 1992.[3]

Mother Jones and Greenpeace report he is a major funder of the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound which is fighting the Cape Wind development of offshore wind turbines.[4][5]

Forbes reported in 2009 that William Koch is worth approximately $1500 million, making him the 236th richest person in America [6].

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