Badra-PS-2 Oil Pipeline

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Badra-PS-2 Oil Pipeline is an operating oil pipeline, running from Badra oilfield, 180KM south the capital Bagdad to PS-2 pumping station, Iraq.[1]


The pipeline runs from Badra oilfield, Wasit governorate Eastern Iraq , to AlGharaf in Dhi Qar Province to reach PS-2 pumping station, on the Iraq Strategic Pipeline, Muthanna governorate, Iraq.[1]

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Project details

Pipeline 1 "Badra-AlGharaf"

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Pipeline 2 "AlGharaf - PS2 "

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The pipeline consists of two sections. Known as Badra-Gharraf Pipeline, section one is 165 km pipeline with a 24 inch diameter operated by Missan Oil Company and Gazprom Neft[2]. Section two is 100 km with a 28 inch diameter and is operated by South Oil Company.[4][5].

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