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Bila Coal Mine (Grahovčići) is an operating coal mine in Han Bila, Zenica-Doboj Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Table 1: Project-level location details

Mine Name Location Coordinates (WGS 84)
Bila Coal Mine Han Bila, Zenica-Doboj Canton, Bosnia and Herzegovina 44.2214169639299, 17.7672614902532 (exact)

The map below shows the exact location of the coal mine:

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Project Details

Table 2: Project status

Status Status Detail Opening Year Closing Year
Operating 1948

Table 3: Operation details

Note: The asterisk (*) signifies that the value is a GEM estimated figure.
Capacity (Mtpa) Production (Mtpa) Year of Production Mine Type Mining Method Mine Size (km2) Mine Depth (m) Workforce Size
0.14[1] 2021[1] Underground Bord and Pillar 494* 380[1]

Table 4: Coal resources and destination

Total Reserves (Mt) Year of Total Reserves Recorded Total Resources (Mt) Coalfield Coal Type Coal Grade Primary Consumer/ Destination
16 26 Subbituminous Thermal Kakanj Thermal Power Plant

Table 5: Ownership and parent company

Owner Parent Company Headquarters
RMU Abid Lolić doo Elektroprivreda BiH dd [90.4%]; others [9.6%] Bosnia and Herzegovina

Note: The above section was automatically generated and is based on data from the GEM April 2024 Global Coal Mine Tracker dataset.


Bila coal mine (also known as Abid Lolic coal mine) is an underground mine in Han Bila, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The mine is owned by RMU Abid Logic, 100% owned by Elektroprivreda BiH.[2]

Coal from the mine is used to supply the Kakanj Thermal Power Plant.[3][4]

Restructuring and Potential Closure

The parent company Elektroprivreda BiH was undertaking restructuring and recapitalization of its seven coal mines over 2021-2023. The company also planned to adjust its coal mines with the national plan to reduce emissions, to result in lower overall production (5 million tonnes of coal in 2021 was expected to drop to 4.6 by 2022 and 4.3 in 2023).[5]

The mine is anticipated for closure this decade. According to 2021 report, "The Abid Lolic mine, which is a key lifeline for 15,000 inhabitants of the Bila valley, will be among the first to close down in 10 years' time over its dwindling coal reserves and an outdated room-and-pillar mining system which limits its output and modernisation."[6] In late 2021, experts anticipated that none of Bosnia’s remaining 11 coal mines will remain operational in the coming decades as eco pressure grows and the country seeks to clean up as it courts EU membership.[7][8]

As of January 2023 and November 2023, the coal mine appeared to be operational. There were no announcements about its closure and it was listed on Elektroprivreda's website.[9]

  • Owner: RMU Abid Lolic doo[10]
  • Parent: Elektroprivreda BiH
  • Location: Han Bila, Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Coordinates: 44.22141696392994, 17.767261490253233 (exact)
  • Status: Operating
  • Production: 0.2 million tonnes per annum[11] (capacity), 0.15 Mt (2020)[12], 0.14 Mt (2021 estimate based on 10m 2021)[12]
  • Total Resource: 26 million tonnes (2008)[4]
  • Total Reserves: 16 million tonnes (2008)[4]
  • Coal Type: Subbituminous (Thermal)[9][4]
  • Mine Type: UNDERGROUND[13]
  • Start Year: 1948[9]
  • Source of Financing:

Articles and Resources

Additional data

To access additional data, including an interactive map of world coal mines, a downloadable dataset, and summary data, please visit the Global Coal Mine Tracker on the Global Energy Monitor website.


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